March 15, 2010 – Google Health – huh?

So as part of our second reading for NET102, it waffles on about PHAs or some such shit which is basically people’s health information and mentions (repeatedly) Google Health. Ok, so I’m curious and I spend the next hour and a half entering ALL my details into Google Health.

I found it interesting that they have several diseases listed there several times and two of my conditions are not listed at all (DID and Ross River Fever) – I presume the latter is due to localisation. So after all this time filling in my conditions, any meds I’m taking, the blood test results from my doc from last month and my allergies, I’m staring at my info. There’s a lot there. Everything from Acne, to Whiteheads and all in between. Things like Inguinal Hernia which I last had in 1976. And my ingrown toenail operation when I was 15. This entire history of mine is now all there, in front of me. I can print the whole thing out. I can print a wallet sized version of it.

And that’s about it. I cannot for the life of me, work out what purpose it serves. Obviously not being an American is an issue here, but even if I was a Seppo, I still cannot work out the purpose of it. Who would share their medical history with friends? With doctors, sure, I can see that. But friends? Other sufferers? They don’t need ‘proof’ of a condition, they’ll believe what I tell them. Net groups of afflicted are like that! I can import my script information from a very very small collection of sites (if I were american, which I’m not). How does that help? And would it be worth all that time and effort to put the info onto the page? Are you worried you’ll move and lose your medical details? Isn’t that what a doctor does? Store your info?

So I’m pleased I went to the effort, but disappointed with the results. I’m not sure what Google has in mind, but so far it just seems useless.

Looking for my GPS!

Have you ever had that sinking feeling, that sense that you’ve jumped out of a 4WD, only to discover somebody parked directly over a puddle? And then you discover that puddle isn’t a puddle of water, but is actually quicksand and you try not to panic and to not lose the plot – but you aren’t sure if you will ever find your way out of this mess?

Day Three of NET102 and I am feeling a strong affinity with quicksand. To say I’m lost is more than an understatement. I need a GPS. With backup battery. And a friendly male voice saying reassuring comments every few feet. I don’t think any sort of learning has made me feel this way, and that’s including Statistics (which I failed TWICE!).

It’s not just that there’s no set format for understanding your path. There’s a study package. I’ve read the study package. It is filled with broken links, references to Lectures nobody can find, obscure punctuation. There’s a discussion board to discuss what you are reading. And Activities, but no set place to put your answers to the activities. No real idea of what videos you are meant to be studying. …An email with a link to a mindmap that few can work and no information on how to make it work. Can a Uni really get it this wrong?

I think it can. I’m doing two subjects this study period and I’ve already answered a different subjects questions in NET102’s discussion board. Why? Because both boards are identical.

I’m no longer frustrated by their lack of professionalism, I’m scared by it. I’m afraid that my career, my future is on the line based on their incompetence. My list of issues with Curtin started back in January when they sent me half a welcome book, and even when I received the other half, it really wasn’t a step by step guide to anything.  I consider myself Internet savvy, yet this subject is already freaking me out.

Note to self: don’t panic, don’t panic, don’t panic.

So what have I learned in the last couple of days? Well, frankly… nothing. Net102 has waffled on and rambled and raved about something, but I haven’t taken any of it in. I’ve barely discussed it online. I’ve really no idea of the significance of anything I’m reading. I have no idea how to begin to tackle the assessment. I can see other students already dealing with stuff we are meant to get to around March 15. That’s 12 days away.

Oh God, I’m sinking again. How am I meant to catch up when I so lost? Can somebody please pass me a GPS???


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