Wk 1: What’s in a Name?

Wk 1: What’s in a Name?

Learning Portfolio Reflections

This is odd. My task is to blog about what I’m reflecting upon as I learn. Isn’t life a lesson? The art of waking up and stumbling to the bathroom and then to instantly check your emails… isn’t that same old, comforting routine just part of the lesson that each day brings?

Read the news online, check your email again. See how the animals are doing in my Facebook application. Move on to the status updates to check the rest of the planet out. Move on to Twitter.  Make a coffee. How on earth do working people have time to work when there’s all this technology to discover, play, and interact with?

And now,  just to make my life a little more complicated and a lot more technologically complex, I’m doing a BA in Internet Communications through OUA. That would be emailing, and facebooking and tweeting wouldn’t it? Isn’t that what I am doing anyway? Hell, they should be just emailing me out the degree as a PDF attachment, no assessment or study necessary. Right? Right?

So part of my assessment is to reflect on what I’m learning. This is for WEB101. I’m on Day 1 and I’m enjoying this unit. It’s filled with a bunch of interesting people, teachers/tutors and a huge diversity of personalities. You have to sign up at a bunch of sites I’m already a member of, and some I’ve never heard of! Oh Great! More places I can waste tonnes of time, and get lost in.

I’m also doing NET102. I’m not so keen on this unit. It’s bogged down in bureaucracy already and the coursework is filled with typos, grammatical errors and punctuation horrors. This whole online learning thing seemed like the perfect venture for me, but already on Day 1, I’m not so sure. I don’t ‘read’ stuff on my screen – I tend to skim. I look for the boldface, the links, the Headers to tell me what I’m looking for.

Yet when I read a book, I actually read it. It’s as if the Internet has trained me to bypass the concept of absorption but still expects comprehension. I want to print out all my studies, so I can actually sit and read them. They contain movies and poor formatting, so it isn’t possible to do that. With NET102 already bogged down in laborious readings and abstracts and extracts and 28 pages of rambling waffle before you’ve hit the first paragraph, I’m not sure how best to tackle this.

So what have I discovered on my first day? Well, I guess I’ve discovered that they won’t be sending me out a BA automatically to my Inbox, despite my web presence. And that possibly – or more to the point, probably – I don’t actually deserve it.

And that the unprofessionalism of poorly formatted and unproofed coursework irks me. I find it irksome.


One thought on “Wk 1: What’s in a Name?

  1. Hi December, 🙂

    Where in Gods name did you find the time to write all this? This makes me feel like a moron lol. One is working day and night only to convince IE to play nicely like all the others do. BTW your Website design is great and one pinched the way you do the scroll bars. Was really surprised that only two lines of code did it.

    Had send you and email a while ago to your students account, but it looked like it bounced back. Perhaps replying to the above no_reply address is a waste of time to. lol

    I got at least 20 more ideas of what one want to do in only the home / index page, I got carried away like you with typing. ha ha

    Not sure if you checked out all the other websites, but out of 146 students; only 64 websites are up and only about 15 people are talking to each other all the time. Super woman is the DB champion. She put more then 437 messages up when I checked last time. lol Lets give her a hug. 🙂 I got my microscope out and spy ed on each and every ones website, to see if one had forgotten something. All one could think of is clicking the frog in his right eye Queen is playing just for us. LOL BTW did you found my 10 hidden links in the badges and banner text? 🙂

    My routine is very much like yours, can go without food, water, accommodation and sleep, but not without my computer toys. As they say man never grow up, only the toys get more expensive.

    Created the last few days fantastic looking button skins, making around with image mapping, then tried roll over, now one wants to try z switching on hover. Give me a few more days, I will hack it.

    I m doing my Ba of Technology (Information Systems) with OUA and the 10 planned hours per week got to be a joke? Its more like 10 to 16 hour per day for a moron like me. lol


    Dirk xx

    P.S. Got to go, food is burning on the stove, forgot all about it; then one must try a few more tricks I got up my sleeve. Go back to sleep now. lol

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