Welcome to my blog for my studies at Curtin University. In this Study Period I will be studying NET102 and WEB101. You can view my studies each week by using the side menu.

I have also posted up my humourous rantings as an easy diversion, plus resources that I found along the way that helped me survive this time.

I would love to read your comments so please drop me a line. Let me know if you are not on my blogroll, as I like to read what other students are up to.



As a Uni student, you think you will be able to fill your spare time in with study but in fact, it is life that gets the short end of the stick.

I really really enjoy talking with Kelmo27, Julesispresent, jlcausbyuni, kuratenshi and lisa_sauer; they can make me laugh so much.

I like the intelligent conversation I receive from Ker_O, billbydder, tamaleaver and jospoika

I need to fill up this front page more with different ideas and concepts. What concepts shall I fill this up with?