Wk 3: WWW (wha wha wha)

The World Wide Web. What learning reflection do I have for this? Well it’s a short one, that’s for sure. Because the Web isn’t a thing. It’s more like a protocol, a platform… it’s not easy to define. It’s really more a developed concept than a tangible thing and it’s this very intrasigence that makes it so appealing. It’s so fluid, so open to interpretation, and so inviting. What did I learn this week? I learned that I was proficient at Web 1.0 but that I still haven’t found my calling. I haven’t found the niche that’s mine, the niche of the Net that I can claim. I don’t know if this course will be what I need, but I know whatever my purpose, my place, my destiny – it’s on the Web. But maybe I’ll find it on Web 3.0


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