Wk 5: Essay Writing

Essay Writing

This week I determined my argument for my Essay thesis for Assignment 2. I visited the websites suggested by the tutors in the DB. I did not use the marking rubric on the essay, as the marking rubric wasn’t there. I did not read Dawson, as the link was broken. I did not follow the Infotrek because the links did not work.

I did attempt the writing task but did not understand the question put to us. I did ask for further clarification but did not comprehend the advice given.


Nancy wrote:

“For the moment you need to choose the topic that you think you might use for your essay and undertake the steps 1-3 by checking the lecture, reading, discussion boards, tutor introductions and your experiences to identify the different positions people take in relation to the topic. You should then be able to identify the position you are going to argue in your essay. According to the schedule, you have two weeks dedicated to thinking about and revising your learning up to now and planning an essay based on this learning.”

I said:

Ok, hopefully i’ve understood what you’re saying.

My subject may be gaming.

1. Personal experience: message boards, world of warcraft home made movie,
2. public debate: message boards plus tutor introductions, the reading What makes gaming social, and a little of the study package I guess.
3. academic critique: well the korea reading (Counting Rupees), the study notes largely.

Therefore my position is that people think about gaming in three ways; from a personal perspective, from a point of arguing different points of view, and from a scholastic and sociological/philosophical standpoint (academia).

(I really don’t think I’m getting what I’m being asked to do here. don’t worry, I’ll work it out.)


I would like to address gaming, in relation  to the gender bias away from girls. I will endeavour to show that whilst gaming has now moved from the real world playground to the virtual realm, the games have themselves stayed the same (with boys killing things and the girls playing barbie) and that because the majority of game designers are boys, this correlates with why girls don’t play as many online games as boys. I want to show that gaming in everyday life is pretty much the same as gaming has been in the past, except now its done digitally. I will show that girls tend to play casual games more than boys, because of their time restraints, their unwillingness to voluntarily kill and because of the immersiveness of intense gameplaying. I will also hope to show that the focus of games are different for boys than girls.

I will be doing this by using research that’s already been conducted.

I reserve the right to absolutely change my mind on my argument should I not find any data to back me up! 🙂

Nancy wrote:

Hi December

Sounding good – and the right to change your mind based on data is both academic and practical.

Stay skeptical to the end – then submit:)
Nancy Jane


All in all, this week was pretty much a wipeout.

I did do a lot of research into research for my thesis.


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