Wk 6: Reflection

Reflecting on Module 1

Module 1 of Net102 has taught me the importance of student chatrooms; the ability to type in an instantaneous way to discuss, debate and disect the contrary nature of this unit. I doubt I would have continued so hard and with such determination if it weren’t for my fellow students giving me motivation, answers and a shoulder to cry on (and some extra hair to pull out) via Twitter, Facebook and now the Donut Chat.

Whilst it is obvious this unit is unlike other units created for the BA (IC) course, and therefore unique in its own teething problems and continuing issues, the bonds of friendship, kinship and comradeship that I have formed with many of the students has been invaluable for my survival in this unit. This has not been necessary in any of the other units I have undertaken for any other study at three other universities, and Module 1 has really emphasised this.

It has also shown the importance of smaller work circles for determining a study direction. Groups of 200 people do not work effectively in some areas but do in others. Whilst they are abysmal for Mind Maps and instant chat, it is certainly effective to see over one hundred different ideas and responses to a question or discussion topic (provided you have the extra 30 hours a week to read and respond to them all).

But I think what I have learned most of all from Module 1 is to have patience. I know that I am not the only one struggling. I know that I am seen as ‘one of those ones that will ask the question’ and I am now learning to just sit back and let others ask the question. Others to find out our path for this course. And I’m confident that patience will hold me in good stead for any further course units of this nature.


One thought on “Wk 6: Reflection

  1. THANK YOU, Dec! I’m doing this disaster of a subject in SP3 and quietly tearing my hair out daily and our discussion board is virtually dead – in desperation while attempting to listen to another yawn-invoking lecture I typed “NET102” into Google and your blog came up – just reading some of this has given me a laugh and some confidence that it’s not just me!! I just have to grit my teeth and get through the next few weeks and, fingers crossed, I will not have to endure another subject like this going forward (or I may have to change to another degree like you did). :>

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