Wk 6: Wikis

Here I was thinking I was on schedule with Web101 only to discover I was a week behind! Ack! Time management is obviously not my strong suit.

Wiki stands for What I Know Is and is based on collaboration of information. It differs from normal websites because of

  • An emphasis on collaboration
  • Ease of creation and editing from within the web browser
  • Intuitive linking between pages
  • Restricted use of HTML and non-HTML elements
  • Logging of all changes

This makes the Wiki as a perfect collaborative tool for businesses as well as for encylopaedic knowledge.

All the editing and saving of the changes is done using the browser. no need to know any scripting or html.

Activity One:

I added a link to Digital Scrapbooking in the sandbox of the Wiki site.

“The type of people that are drawn to writing an encyclopaedia for fun, tend to be pretty smart people.” Wales, J. (2007). Jimmy Wales: How a ragtag band created Wikipedia. Retrieved May 14th, 2009, from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WQR0gx0QBZ4.

“Academics have a lot of knowledge, but all too often they forget that they are teachers” boyd, d. (2005). Wikipedia, academia and Seigenthaler. Retrieved May 19th, 2009, from http://many.corante.com/archives/2005/12/17/wikipedia_academia_and_seigenthaler.php.

Activity Two – Knowledge Sharing

In this activity we’re going to attempt to contribute to Wikipedia!

  • Go to Wikipedia and locate a topic that you know something about.
  • Find something that you believe is missing from the article or that you think should be changed.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: DO NOT VANDALISE THE PAGE. Merely make a small change or addition to the content that you feel is warranted.
  • Make the change and/or addition. (Don’t forget to log the change you have made)
  • Return to the page later in the week to see how the community has responded to your input.

What changes were evident upon your return?

OMG this is nerve-wracking. What do I look up? Digital Scrapbooking. I added the following to the common terms

Hybrid Scrapping refers to the combination of digital scrapbooking and paper scrapbooking. This technique allows for additional paper scrapbooking items to be added to a completed digiscrap page. This adds bulk and texture to a digiscrap page which cannot be achieved by graphics alone. Hybrid scrapping also refers to creating non-layout scrapped items (such as Candy Wrappers, Accordian Cards and other craft items) using a combination of digital and tangible materials.

Review it in a week here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scrapbooking#Common_terms

Why did you choose to contribute to the entry you did? I guess because it wasn’t there. I chose digital scrapbooking because that used to be a large part of my life.

Do you consider yourself an expert on the topic? Did you link to any other Wikipedia articles when you made our change? I am not an expert on this and I actually know more about digiscrapping than hybrid scrapping, but there was ample information about digiscrapping in there and nothing on hybrid scrapping. For four years, I made a living as a digital scrapbook designer, selling to american housewives my digital product, so I am familiar with the concepts involved.

After making your change and watching the response to it, how collaborative do you feel Wikipedia is? I was too uncomfortable and filled with a sense of waiting to be ‘censored’ or ‘corrected’. Insufficient time has passed to determine whether or not my addition is deemed ‘worthy’ of remaining there.

Do you think that Wikipedia is a form of ‘collective intelligence’? I believe it must be. Clay shirky said that media that does not engage you is not worth sitting still for. And obviously the numbers show that it is very popular and must therefore engage people. I still don’t feel it is my first choice for information.But it is for others.

What did you think of making your contribution (and an edits made to it afterwards) in the light of the article? I felt like I was doing as I was required to do, to complete this unit. I didn’t ‘feel’ anything positive or negative (apart from a touch of nervousness) and I don’t know if I was ‘supposed’ to feel something, as if I was part of this micro-cosmos ant colony. But nevertheless I certainly didn’t have a religious experience making the change LOL.

iLecture: Tama Leaver

Are wikis reliable and authorative sources of information?

What is a wiki? It’s a collaborative tool and designed to be so. It’s entirely done within the browser and doesn’t require any further skillset. It uses intuitive links to make it easy to navigate. It has it’s own syntax but it isn’t complicated. It logs everything that is done by everyone and links to the changes to allow comparisons.

wikis are the ideal utopia of participatory culture. they fulfil the ideal of web 2.0 better than all previous tools. it is considered democratic (all editors are equal). They encourage hypertextualilty – it contains many links both in and out of the wiki.

It has collective intelligence, which was first discussed by Levy. It explores the wisdom of the crowd. (The old 5billion say so therefore it must be right) Nobody knows everything, everone knows something, if everyone is given access to the same place, the collection will provide that all knowledge is available.   Wikinomics take the ideal of wiki as an economic model?? didn’t get that. Crowd sourcing if you ask the crowd for information, often the crowd will provide. Can be exploitative. Can get it for free instead of paying for it. Wiki is a platform that allows people to edit. The software is also Wiki.

Wikipedia started in 2001 created by jimmy wales. 3 mill english lang articles, and 5 mill files. there are articles in over 250 languages. free encyclopedia can edit. this is a controversial idea. Reliability? Neutrality? what does the idea that anyone can edit really mean?

Reliability Issues. 2004 by halavais made purposeful errors. professor in the usa. predicted it would take two weeks to notice and correct them. it was done within 3 hours. Most within minutes. Wiki is a self protecting system. 2005, a study by Nature compared wikipedia and britannica: both had errors but comparable in reliablility. free vs paid. The wiki it is policed by watchlists and rollbacks (or revisions). Enough people working with enough passion could produce knowledge as good as experts.

Neutrality Issues: Seignenthaler affair 2005. Only pages that are edited by many could be considered neutral. wikiscanner revealed hundreds of edits by the Australian Defence Department including the children overboard entry and peter costello’s (treasurer at that time) bio. Shows it is fallible.

now it’s almost anyone can edit. Idea brought in to prevent rollback wars.

  • full protection prevents editing by everyone except administrators. Fully protected media files cannot be overwritten by new uploads.
  • Semi protected prevents editing by unregistered contributions and contributors with accounts which are not auto confirmed.
  • Creation protection prevents a previously deleted page from being recreated.
  • Move protection protects the page solely from moves.
  • see wikipedia: Protection policy

clay shirky: every change to a wikipedia article is best thought as a proposed edit; it shows up the minute it is made but it is still subject to future review and revision…. in the case of vandalism, the review process can happen astonishily quickly. (here comes everybody)

Publish THEN filter model.

The defining characteristic of the wikipedia moment. It is a process that replaces guarantees with probablities that are supported by process. if people care enough to read it and write it, then enough people will care enough to improve it and police it.

wikipedia itself says you should never rely on a single source. check the sources given on wikipedia.

its about generalist knowledge not depth of knowledge. good for very new stuff.

ownership and use. it is licensed under Creative Commons. You must cite it and you must share it with the same license. changed in the last 12 months.

Lostpedia: youtube, 4bTvAUVPyLI and lostpedia.com

wikia.com is a wiki building site. tama is such a nong (likes lego lost and starwars. such a king of geekdom lol)


i’ve stayed tuned Tama, I’ve stayed tuned!


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