Love the Internet. Don’t believe a word it says.

Well after discovering how I felt about Blogs, I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised by my thoughts on Wikis. And yet I am. I feel like I’m being traitorous to world of geekdom out there; that as a long-time supporter of all things Net-based, I should be a wave-flagging proud Wiki/Blog lover. But I’m not.

In something of a rather large shock, I’ve discovered that as much as I love the web, I don’t believe a damn word of it. It may as well just have “as seen on TV” plastered on every page. So how is it that I have spent 14 years on the net and still have no faith in what it tells me?

Well I guess because of Web 2.0. All of these amazing tools, that create user-generated content, do precisely that – user generate. That means it’s created by you. Or by me. Or god forbid… by Osama Bin Laden or by Pauline Hansen. We are all creating useless opinion after opinion. And to make things worse, it gives all of us power. It gives us the power to propagate terror or addiction or fear or a shopping habit. It gives us the power to kill another human being based on an opinion we saw on the web. It gives us the power to save a human being based on that same opinion.

So is this a good thing? I guess in 50 years if the humans still roam the earth, then I guess so. If we’ve slaughtered each other emotionally, mentally or physically – then I propose not.


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