Week 8: Content Sharing

Copyright. That’s what content sharing is all about. It isn’t really about the enjoyment you get from mashups or remixes or about how you can be inspired or expand your knowledge base. It’s all about copyright. And how everything is illegal now. And costs millions. It all comes down to the almighty dollar. Tama asked us if remixes and mashups have value and purpose beyond the copyright laws and I think they do – from a cultural point of view, from an entertainment point of view. And I also believe that if you are not making money from the deriative work, then it shouldn’t be illegal, it shouldn’t be copyright protected.

That said, products I used to sell online were digital artworks. People purchased those to use for their own collection. If the rule above applied, I would not have been able to sell anything. Everyone would have just ‘created their own’ without it being commercial.

Hmmmm this is a toughie and requires more thought.



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