Wk 11: Social Media

iLecture: Tama Leaver


Ties together Module 3. shift from user generated content to content generated users.

fredcavazza.net social media tools for all sorts of reasons

Anne Helmond has come up with the concept of Identity 2.0 (post 2000/2001)

  • In perpetual beta (always open to change)
  • networked (relies on network)
  • user-generated identity (ie by OTHER users) (shadows)
  • distributed (in many places)
  • indexed (findable via search engines)
  • persistent (it doesn’t go away)

Perpetual beta is where your profile is always evolving, asking you to share more and more. The rules to create media continually change. Facebook is constantly emerging.

“The web self is no longer present on one single website, such as the personal homepage, nor it is present on just one single social networking site […] User-generated content is dispersed across the network and there is a reconfiguration of the user. [It can be] much less about the user than it is about the applications and platforms exchanging and distributing user-data.” Helmond, 2010

Influenced by the affordances/capabilites of each software tool and platform.

“Identity is not only constructed and performed by the users themselves; some aspects are determined by others. In the case of social media, user-generated content plays an important role in the identity construction by others.” Helmond, 2010

eg: tagging others in facebook photos can create either a footprint or shadow.


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