Write about Clive Wearing

Task: Base a piece of writing on research. Explore the Clive Wearing’s experience with memory loss(amnesia) via an internet search.

To live in the Now. I am now. I am living in my world of senses: my breathing, my loving, my existence. And I’m excited.

Then, like a harp string plucked with violence, it is gone. All memory. All thoughts, dreams and hopes. I am back here again. Fresh. Seven seconds and I no longer recall what I wanted or where I was heading. Maybe it will be longer next time. Maybe I’ll have time to forge a hope or a dream.

I am now. I live in the now. I don’t remember that plate or spoon. Were they new? A gift? When did we get new dishes? A woman enters and I know her. She is Deborah. I am relieved at the sense of familiarity and sense of love I feel. The world makes sense again. She smiles and her face lights up; the crinkles by her eyes are softened by the look in her eyes. I like her new dress and how she has styled her hair.

I am now. I live in the now. I have just woken up and I’m hungry and feel amazing and alive! Deborah is here of course, and I am so happy to see her. She is a little older and wiser and no doubt my illness has been hard for her. Oh look, we have new crockery!

He lives in now. I live in the always. He doesn’t understand there is tomorrow and he cannot recall his past. I yearn for a day where I have a moment with him that we can share together. A moment where we are there in the past remembering or there in the future planning. Or even in the now, embracing. But by the time he realises he is awake –  he has recovered – his perceptual essences fade yet mine continues on. So I care for him and love him in the only ways I know how. In the now.


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