Useful NED11 Links

*Mac Resources are listed with MAC initially.

General Sites for Web Designers

Things to Avoid in websites Design Errors

Things to include in websites

Useful Testing Sites


Learning Sites


Web Portals


Windows Downloads at CNET


Crimson Editor:

Programmer’s File Editor:

MAC BareBones TextWrangler

FTP Client:



Graphics Software:

Adobe Photoshop or Creative Suite: or


Mozilla Firefox:

Browser Statistics

PDF Writer:


Text Books:

Photoshop Tutorials

Graphic Sites


7 thoughts on “Useful NED11 Links

  1. Hi December,

    Thank you for your list of web links. Hope it is ok with you, that I just pasted the lot in my note pad? Had never programmed in HTML or XHTML. Only used software that created the code for me.

    Thank you once again and look forward to catch up with you.

    Kind Regards

    Dirk xx

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