Browser Differences

Here are some characteristics of the three most popular operating systems that will affect the way Web pages function and are displayed on them:

Windows Characteristics Macintosh Characteristics Unix/Linux Characteristics
  • larger fonts than Mac
  • different color palette from Mac
  • 72 dpi is really 96 dpi (which will make graphics appear smaller)
  • different font set
  • darker gamma appearance
  • uses \ back slashes to separate directories
  • different color palette from Windows
  • smaller fonts than Windows
  • different font set
  • different interpretation of 72 dpi from (graphics appear larger)
  • lighter appearance than Windows
  • Usually text based
  • Case-sensitive!
  • Won’t tolerate spaces in file names or folder names
  • No such thing as an extension (but often uses *.html)
  • A dot before a file denotes hidden files
  • Fonts & color palette different from Mac and Windows
  • uses / forward slashes to separate directories

The following is a list of some Web sites that collect and publicly list visitor browser statistics. You can use this information to follow the trends in browser use and make sure your Web sites are visibly similar and function properly for the majority of Web users:

Other Internet use statistics that might be of interest:

This is a good source for finding old browsers for testing purposes:

This site will take multiple snapshots from the perspective of many different browsers, operating systems, and resolutions so you can see how they differ in appearance to users of the Web:


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