The Start of SP3…

So here we are, a weekend off and then straight into study period 3. People who don’t study via OUA don’t seem to realise how little time you have to process anything. 13 weeks is just not long enough to take in some information and then be able to regurgitate it.

NED11 was really hard in SP2, particularly with such a heavy workload – often we had to read and do the exercises in three chapters of the text book plus the additional module requirements. In the end, I was forced to ignore the text book and use Google and friends to help me complete the last two assignments. I really hope to get some time soon and finish reading the text book – at least it was an interesting book unlike some!

But this SP is different – I’m only doing one unit so I can concentrate more on Trading. I’ve no idea how it will all go, but I think it will balance my time better. I’ll be studying VIS15 (Photography) through RMIT. This will mean that in 3 study periods I have studied at Curtin University (Perth), Griffith University (Brisbane) and RMIT (Melbourne).

I wonder if I can find an interesting unit to study at each of the unis that OUA cover?

Anyway, hold your breath, because here we go again!


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