Photography Week 1

Week 1. We had two tasks to achieve this week: Downsize an image and post a pdf with a profile of us. We could add a self portrait taken in a mirror and one image we had taken ourselves.

I downsized the image using PSCS5 shrinking the overall image slightly from the original and then saving it at a level 8 (high) rather than maximum, which gave it a size of 470 kb.

Downsized Image

Downsized Image for VIS15

I also wrote up my profile as follows:

I am a 42 year old housewife who has no photography experience but masses of interest and enthusiasm. I currently own a compact digital camera but would like to upgrade to a compact professional interchangeable lens camera (rather than a DSLR) as they smaller than standard DSLR’s and more comfortable to fit in my hand and my handbag. Once I am financial, I will probably end up purchasing something using 4/3 technology as opposed to the new Ricoh’s systems of combined CMOS and lens system or the traditional Mirrored design.

I don’t know how to transpose what I see with my eyes into what the camera lens will capture, and I think it is this skill which really sets apart a photographer professional from an amateur. I need to learn to view the world with “camera eyes”, rather than with my own.

I seem to mostly like photographing macro subjects, although I love looking at photos taken by other people of panoramas and portraits. I have several favourite photographers: I am enamoured with the work of Greg Dries, a master photographer who takes stunning portraits, Ken Duncan who has mastered the art of panoramas and finally Yann Arthus Bertrand who takes my breath away with his images in Earth from Above.

The image below is one of my favourite images that I have taken.

Succulents in Green

Succulents in Green

And that was it. It took me a total of 14 minutes to do this weeks work. If I can keep this up, I’ll be done this unit in under 3 hours! 😛

Hmm, somehow I think they are going easy on us for the first week LOL


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