University – is it worth what we pay for it?

I’ve done quite a few units for OUA now (NET102, WEB101, COM14, NED11 and currently VIS15) and I’ve done 8 units on campus at the University of Southern Queensland back in the day of the dinosaur, and sometime after the first pyramids were built, I also completed almost an entire degree externally at Deakin University.

OUA units cost between $700 and $1000 each. After completing COM14, I seriously started to wonder if the units were worth that much money. What did I get for my $700? I received a virtual space to type in questions to my tutor, who had already made it clear she would prefer we didn’t have anything to do with her. I also received a set of assignment labels in the mail, three assignments and 8 ‘modules’ online. Each module consisted of approximately 4 paragraphs of text followed by 17 links, of which approximately 50% still worked. This is what I paid $700 for. Would YOU have paid that? Would an on-campus student get more than that? Is this value for money?

Sure Aussies don’t pay as much for education as in other countries because it is reimbursed by the government, but does that mean we should be settling for an inferior quality of university?

And now today, I see in the online paper a listing of how Australian Unis fare in the World Rankings. It isn’t pretty.

Australian Unis and their World Rankings

Australian Unis and their World Rankings via Brisbane Times

You’ll see that we are not very competitive. And worse, that the 6 unis that are the backbone of OUA (Curtin, Griffith, Macquarie, Swinburne, RMIT and UNISA) do not score well at all. In fact, all but one have significantly dropped down the rankings, and the highest of all of these, Macquarie University, ranks a poorly 189/500.

Are my expectations too much? Where is Notre Dame and Bond University? What are unis like Macquarie, Griffith and Curtin doing to salvage those 30 spot falls? Do they care? Do they feel University is value for money?


2 thoughts on “University – is it worth what we pay for it?

  1. You’re so on the money with this. If only the Australian would pick up this article and publish it. It’s about time our tertiary system was ‘audited’. Australia can do a LOT better than Com14 and Com12.

  2. Hi December,

    Thank you for your update. You hit the nail on the spot. Don’t know how German Universities are ranking, but for sure one learned a lot more faster with help, then home study with reading links on end down to the lowest level.

    Perhaps its not even entertaining anymore, because political correctness is going mad and the freedom of speech got lost in the process. Therefore one decided to read the DB only and upload assignments only, but not dare to comment on anything anymore. LOL

    Thanks again.

    Regards from an other frustrated user.


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