VIS15 – End of week 2

So it’s the end of week 2 and so far I’ve been able to ensure I remain up to date. That’s exciting! After two study periods of feeling like I was perpetually behind, it’s such a refreshing change to be up to date. I’ve submitted my first assignment (Activity 1 – our profile and downsizing an image) and although this wasn’t worth marks, my tutor referred to me as being ‘pro-active’. Not entirely sure how she came to that conclusion, but I won’t argue. 😀

Second assignment has also been submitted – this was on an internationally recognized photographer and some of the entries by other students were staggeringly good – fantastic writing, with awesome referencing… I can see I’m going to have lift my game to do well in this unit. Some of the photographers I knew the names of but didn’t know much about… and some of them I had no idea about anything – it was so refreshing to be seeing so many incredible photographers out there.

Our third assignment (Photographic Galleries on the Internet) is due September 17. I’ve already submitted mine (will post here after sept 17) and in the process of working on assignment 3 (Magazine Photography). I’m fairly confident that this third assignment will be my undoing. The only magazine I actually read is TopGear (which is often filled with errors: typographical, grammatical and factual so it’s hardly a magazine I could use) but I have found a couple of places where you can download PDF copies of magazines, and this should make the creation of Assignment 3 much easier.

So far, I’m really impressed with what I’m learning even without realising I’m learning it. Yay for me!


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