Photography and Digiscrapping

I’ve often tried to explain to people why I love and respect digital scrapbooking (or paper scrapbooking for that matter) and it’s hard to encapsulate in a few succinct sentences what the appeal is.

I found it in the most unlikely of places: My university subject module for this week…

Snapshots “…are technically and aesthetically unremarkable. Yet the images may be greatly treasured. They serve an important social function – passing on news to distant family members and friends and keeping memories alive. Their value lies not in their visual impact but in their significance to the people who take them.

It’s this last line that explains the importance of printing our photos, sharing our photos, documenting our photos and scrapbooking our photos. For me, the most crucial part of digiscrapping is the journalling – the written notes that accompany the photograph and add weight and significance to the images I’ve chosen – not just as a record for a moment in a seemingly meaningless life, but as a way to document my time, my world, my generation.


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