Assignment 4: VIS15

Task: Select a photographic subject. Select 4 images, one image for each of the 4 Gestalt laws, which uses that law as the primary design strategy. Examine these 4 prints, answering the following questions for each image:
1.       Has the application of the particular principle of visual organization contributed to the impact in the final image? If so, how? Describe what is the key feature in each image i.e. the strong line running from left to right is an example of continuity.
2.       Has the application of the principles of visual organization enhanced or restricted your creativity? If so, how?
Examine these 4 selected prints, one image for each of the 4 Gestalt laws, answering the following questions:
1.       Which image do you consider has the most pleasing composition? Why?
2.       What is it about this image that you found pleasing?

Photographic Subject: Peanut Silos

The Gestalt Law of Proximity

Image 1: Peanut Silos in Kingaroy showcasing Proximity
Image 1: Peanut Silos in Kingaroy showcasing Proximity

Proximity ties together the three buildings together. This creates a sense of “one-ness” between the construction in its entirety as figure, with the sky as ground. A key feature of this image is the large horizontal walkway that connects two of the buildings, making them seem as one. I stifled my creativity with this photo as the law forced me to take a bland and visually uninteresting photo.

Other Gestalt laws visible:

  • Similarity (the building shapes)
  • Closure (the open T shape inside the two buildings on the right is visually enclosed by the shape of complete structure)

Gestalt’s Law of Closure

Image 2: Peanut Silos in Kingaroy showcasing Closure
Image 2: Peanut Silos in Kingaroy showcasing Closure

Although the structure displays curves and cylindrical shapes, the building as a whole remains in a general box shape, indicating the use of Closure. The hollows formed between each cylinder ties the four together to form one figure and this is a key feature. I found my creativity subdued for this photo as it was difficult to achieve enough impact.

Other Visible Gestalt Laws:

  • Proximity (with the tree and the uppermost building)
  • Continuation (with the strong vertical lines)
  • Similarity (with the four cylindrical shapes)

Gestalt’s Law of Continuation

Image 3: Peanut Silos in Kingaroy showcasing Continuation
Image 3: Peanut Silos in Kingaroy showcasing Continuation

The eyes are drawn ever upward toward the roof by the vertical lines between the cylinders and this highlights Continuation. This channel forms the main feature of the image. I feel that my creativity assisted me to achieve this image showcasing this law.

Other Gestalt Laws visible:

  • Similarity (symmetry)
  • Closure (with the roof enclosing the central channel)
  • Proximity (the roof and silos form one unit)

Gestalt’s Law of Similarity

Image 4: Peanut Silos in Kingaroy showcasing Similarity
Image 4: Peanut Silos in Kingaroy showcasing Similarity

The symmetry of this image strengthens the Similarity found in this picture while the wires and roof pattern add to the sense of alikeness. The key feature of the photo is the X shape.  I photographed this for my own pleasure (rather than purpose-shot) and I enjoyed unleashing my creativity.

Other visible Gestalt Laws:

  • Closure (the shape of the X against the sky)
  • Proximity (the connection between the roof, chimneys and the crossbeams)
  • Continuation (with the dramatic X crossbeams extending beyond the edge of the picture)


My favourite is the final one because of how the symmetry is even and echoed in various places throughout the photo. I like how the X shaped crossbeams not only draw you toward the centre of the image but also allow you to follow it out to the edges of the frame. This image supplies many answers but also asks plenty of questions.


8 thoughts on “Assignment 4: VIS15

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  2. Hi December, do you know if we show images on our blogs linked from other sites, do we have to go through the whole copyright thing for academic purposes and get permission or ensure we are able to use it first? If this weren’t an academic blog with some assessable work I’d freely do it but I’m not too sure about this if my posts might be used for assessment. Thanks xox

  3. Jamie, I’m not sure what the right thing to do is, so in that case, I’d always add the citations if you are doing it on a uni blog that’s visible to all. For a personal blog, like you, I don’t think it matters much. I mean, isn’t a personal blog just that…. personal?

    But for uni units, I’d go the safe route and ensure there are references for everything.
    Just my opinion, mind you.

  4. Woohoo, here are my comments:

    “Hi December,
    Fantastic work. I especially want to praise you for the daring compositions. The contrast of the sky against the structures is playing an important and creative role, taking the concrete to a very ethereal dimension. Best shot is image 2 where there’s a truly interesting dynamic between tree point up and the small house at the top. The clouds going through the middle suggest those are two different worlds, very intriguing!
    Oh, and by the way, there’s nothing bland about the first photo, it’s just not as appealing as the other ones…
    Cheers, Lu

    And my score…..
    (drumroll please)


    OMG i can’t believe this!

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    • Well this is awkward Kate! I’ve searched high and low and can’t find the images! I’ll do another search on another computer later and see if I can find them for you again! So sorry about that!

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