Assignment 6: VIS15

For this activity,

  • Briefly list your needs in a camera.
  • Provide documentation referring to the make and model of the camera you believe best suits your needs.
  • Including a jpeg file of the camera you have selected.
  • Explain the reasoning why and how you came to your decision. Keep your notes brief, (within 200 words). Use the Internet to seek out further information on your camera type.

Assignment Six – Ultimate Camera

I envisage I will only ever purchase one DSLR so need one that is as ‘future-proof’ as possible. This allows me to add on to the purchase as years go by, without worrying about fads or current trends.

My Camera Needs:

  • Digital Interchangeable Lens Camera
  • Weighs less than 500g
  • Bulb Mode (for night shots)
  • Macro (to 1 cm)
  • Burst Mode (min 6fps)
  • 1/8000 Max Shutter Speed
  • Large range of accessories and lenses (future-proof)
  • Panorama capabilities
  • Time Lapse (when connected to a computer)
  • HD Movie capability
  • Compact Camera Size
  • Minimum 12 Megapixels (future-proof)
  • 4:3 image ratio
  • Hot Shoe
  • Viewfinder
  • Image Stabilisation
  • Uses SD cards (future proof)

The Sony SLT α55

Released in September 2010 the Sony SLT uses translucent mirrors to create a much smaller camera body but containing many features including:

  • 10fps Continuous Shooting with Auto-Focus (6fps standard mode)
  • 16.2 MP Exmor CMOS Sensor
  • Quick AF Full HD Movie Recording
  • Quick AF Live View
  • 3D Sweep Panorama
  • GPS photo tagger
  • Multi-angle LCD screen
  • Twin Lens kit for under $1600


Currently there is no camera available that exactly meets my needs; however the closest model is the Sony SLT Alpha A55 . Despite its negatives — it is a little too large for my hands, it does not have the max shutter speed I want, and bulb mode is limited to 4 minutes — the camera offers many features above and beyond my requirements and this allows me to protect my investment by purchasing as ‘future-proof’ as possible.

After handling in a store, I was able to get a feel for the button locations and the weight in my hand and believe that this is the camera best suited to me.

Sony SLT a55

Sony SLT a55



CameraHouse. “Online Catalogue – Sony A55 – Page 12.” “Sony A55.”

Sony-Australia. “Sony Alpha Slt 55 Vl.”




3 thoughts on “Assignment 6: VIS15

  1. Comments received:

    Hi December,
    This is indeed an excellent choice of camera. Sony cameras are very well designed to compete with the major brands (Nikon and Canon especially) and the lenses are Carl Zeiss which is really a top brand in optics. In regards to bulb mode, 4 minutes will probably do it! The only downside of this choice is that you’ll always have to stick to Sony for lenses and all other accessories but it’s still a safe brand when looking at the future.
    My current dream is to get a digital medium format so I’m hoping Santa Claus provides me a miracle this year = D
    Cheers, Lu

    No mark as yet.

  2. My score was 8.5/10

    The average class score was 8.62. I’m crushed. No idea what I could have done better as re-reading the comments there is no indication of what I didn’t do correctly.

    Frustrated. Cranky. Disappointed.

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