Assignment 8 – VIS15

Identify a location/subject you feel passionately about and shoot a series of images that explore it as a photo essay. Explore this location/subject as fully as you can. Select the best 12-16 images from this shoot, which you feel has the greatest impact and it expresses, the location/subject as a photo essay. Write a short but concise introduction to what your project was about, in no more than (300 words).
In a further document, I would be very interested to know what you felt about the unit. Was there any particular section(s) of this unit you found most informative and perhaps any sections that were not. (Approx 300 words).

Assignment 8 – Final Portfolio

Subject: Peninsula Magic

The Redcliffe Peninsula adjoins Brisbane by two bridges and is steeped in history and the modern beach culture. Recently, developments have begun all over the area as more and more people move here. Redcliffe is famous for being the first settlement city in Queensland and also boasts an annual Kite Festival and the Festival of Sails. The peninsula boasts spectacular sunrises and sunsets, a number of iconic jetties and bridges and an active outdoor lifestyle.

From a personal perspective, I have lived all over Australia but never felt I had found ‘home’ until I moved here. Its serenity and beauty always give me a kaleidoscope of new material to photograph and as it grows I hope to document these changes. I hope these images show what makes this place so unique and such a wonderful place to live.

Image  1: Redcliffe’s First Settlement Wall

Image  2: Sunset at Scarborough Beach

Image  3: Sunset Stroll at Newport

Image  4: Morning Fishing

Image  5: Clontarf Beach

Image  6: The Hornibrook Bridges

Image  7: The Redcliffe Jetty

Image  8: Kites Aloft at the Kite Park

Image  9: Saga Viking Stones at Pelican Park

Image  10: Gayundah Wreck, Woody Point

Image  11: Sunrise at Scarborough Beach

Image  12: Twilight at Woody Point

Image  13: Low Tide Reflections

Image  14: Pylon Shadows at Sunset

Image  15: Lighting on the Bridges is Pelican-friendly

Image  16: Rock Fishing at Scotts Point

My Critique of VIS15


I enjoyed completing VIS15 immensely. Learning about the gestalt laws was critical to better understanding composition and how that affects how we perceive photographs we take. The layout and presentation of the unit was good, with each module in separate PDFs which I found very helpful. I also really enjoyed the practical assignments and having many of these, rather than a couple that were worth a lot of marks. These tasks stretched me outside my comfort zone and gave me impetus and motivation to take photos more regularly.


There are some typographical errors and very out-of-date information (eg no mention of mirrorless 4/3rd technology or translucent mirrors) in the literature provided which made the course seem less professional. I also felt that assignments 2, 3 and 6 were not overly helpful to me and would have preferred to learn more about aperture settings, how to use my camera in manual mode, and shutter speeds (eg, what settings for sunny days, which ones for indoors etc). I felt that the practical assignments made us take pictures, even though we hadn’t been taught what settings were needed to use the camera properly. It also would have been much better for me, as a student, to have our assignments marked prior to the next one being due as I use the feedback provided to improve with each successive task.


All in all, VIS15 has sparked my creativity and my interest in photography and is a unit I would recommend to others. I feel that this unit can only improve over time, and I hope that RMIT will consider having an entire BA (Photography) available via OUA soon.


One thought on “Assignment 8 – VIS15

  1. Finally, I have my results and I’m just over the moon!

    comments from lu:
    Your concept for the final portfolio is very well contextualized and definitely sets the mood for the viewing of the images but elaborates fairly on what you were trying to achieve as a photographer. Your photographs come bold in colors with carefully constructed compositions and perfect exposure to convey the emotional aspect of your concept. Your very last image was not the most impacting one and I would have probably stuck to a cycling edition starting at night and finishing at night to enhance the visual narrative of this place, but there is a mix of wide angles and details that contribute to a very cohesive whole. One of my favorite images is 6 – the movement of the clouds following the space in between bridges is startling and takes a special shape with the rocks at the very bottom that provide the right contrast of textures and frame the built structure almost like squeezing it. Image 1 is as impacting. It’s marvelous to see inspiration taking place = )

    My score: 27/30

    Total for the unit: 93/100
    That’s a High Distinction. yes please, I’ll take that very happily!

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