And here the hamster said…

I am a hamster on a neverending treadmill. Uni for 13 weeks, two days off then uni again for another 13 weeks. So VIS15 ended and now WEB207 starts. There are a couple of things that I’m really looking forward to…

1. Receiving my results for assignment 7 and 8 for VIS15. Feedback too, but frankly I’m aiming for a HD, so it’s the mark that now really going to count. Assignment 8 is worth 30 points. I NEED to get that one right!

2. Spending Xmas doing WEB207 – particularly if it’s anything like WEB101, Tama should make it fun, interesting and not too impossible. One thing about Tama’s stuff – it’s logical, clinical and engaging. I guess he really did listen to Mr Shirky on that!

3. Receiving my camera for Xmas. It’s now a month until then and I’m trying to not climb walls. Trying to not go nuts. Trying to just concentrate on work and uni and all that stuff but OH MY GOD i’m getting a NEW camera at xmas! *boing *boing *boing

4. Xmas itself. This year we are spending it in Tin Can Bay. It will be the first time I have spent Xmas with both of my brothers and all of our kids in the one location. Ever. I’m so excited! PLUS, we are staying at a motel that is pet friendly. I’m super excited. Did I mention that I’ll have a new camera then?

5. Ending WEB207 early. My birthday in early Feb will be just before the end of Study Period 4. It occurs just after Assignment 3 is due and two weeks before Assignment 4 and Assignment 1 (Part 2) are due. It’s going to be an insane time. The only solution is to have all the assignments done in bulk before my bday.

So move over mouse, get lost gopher… This hamster back in the wheel and she’s starting to run!


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