The beginning of Web207

And so it begins. Welcome to WEB207. I signed into Blackboard early because Julia told me it was available and as I signed in, I was greeted with over 60 unread posts. I already feel behind and we’ve not even begun!

I waded thru it all. There are many names I recognise and some I haven’t made friends with yet. I waffled on myself about myself (never a good thing) and Tama made the obligatory 2 line response (I swear to google he doesn’t like me anymore! He used to think i was funny!!!) and then I immediately began collating information for the unit.

  • Calendar, check
  • Tutor details, check
  • Unit Outline, check
  • Study Package…. wait… wait… wait

The study package has two parts and only 1 part has been written yet. That’s okay – it’s a brand new unit so that sort of thing is to be expected. But the first part isn’t downloadable. Grrrr. Blackboard is so temperamental that I started to collate the important info immediately and then whack it all together into a PDF. I don’t want to have to wait around for Blackboard to get something vital from the notes.

So if you need it also, here’s a link to the PDF. Enjoy but please leave a comment if you download it.

Web207 Study Package Module 1


4 thoughts on “The beginning of Web207

  1. Hi December,

    I’m sure I still think you’re funny – I’m just not capable of doing more than small responses when I promised myself I’d try and greet everyone, but forgot Blackboard let everyone while I was trying to have some semblance of a weekend! Fear not, there will be plenty of opportunity for witty banter!

    Thanks for putting a download together – I’m sure others will find it useful – keep in mind it’s possible I may have to tweak something in the notes or assessment if folks find any errors on my part (which, incidentally, is why I don’t make the package file downloadable myself), but if anything is changed I’m mention it on the boards, anyway.

    (Was that a better sized response? 😉


  2. I feel much better thank you Tama 🙂 And I’m looking forward to your witty banter this sp!

    Jules, that was v. funny… i like it! geni-arse… sounds like a big bum coming out of a magic lamp LOL

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