Topic 1.1 Getting Started

World English Dictionary (
convergence (kənˈvɜːdʒəns) [Click for IPA pronunciation guide]
— n
1. Also called: convergency the act, degree, or a point ofconverging
2. concurrence of opinions, results, etc
3. maths the property or manner of approaching a finite limit, espof an infinite series: conditional convergence
4. the combining of different forms of electronic technology, such as data processing and word processing converging into information processing

So Tama goes on and on about convergence but until I read the definiton, I’ve really been struggling with what they all are talking about. And now it’s starting to make sense. The combination of technologies is creating new and different technologies and we are creating new terms to define our world based on this mixture.

I watched the core video and struggled to find the relevance of this video. Sure it showcases lots of fonts. Lots of software being used to display those fonts. But that really isn’t combining technology to create a new technology or a new definition. It’s just using different programs for the same outcome at different times. It’s like driving. You drive a car, whether you get in a Holden and drive, and then get out and enter a Ford and drive and then get out and drive a Ssangyong, drive a Porsche, drive a Daewoo… you’re still just driving. And it’s not like you are driving all these vehicles at the one time. You’re just driving one type of car at one specific moment. So I feel this video was a poor choice if the idea was to showcase convergence. Either that, or I completely missed the point!

iLecture: Getting Started

Tama shows off orange cupcakes chasing a lego stormtrooper and then eating them. 🙂 Mr Geek… we love that! Nom Nom Nom! Shows how easy to tell a digital story today.  The Future of the Media is a good question for the moment and we’ll examine this question more in the unit..

Three stories to get you thinking.As of November this year there are 35 hours of video being uploaded to youtube every single of minute.

There is a lot of media available and most of it is created by everyday people, and created it socially. youtube has only been with us for five years so this is a radical change in the landscape of how we consume media.

Natalie Tran is Australia’s most successful Youtuber. Started posting in 2006. More than 800000 subscribers and her videos have had over 300 million views with many clocking well over 2 million. She also makes $100k a year from Youtube advertising and sponsorship. Regular postings, engaging videos. She’s now doing a series for Lonely Planet but still a student.

This is web media that is native to the Web. Increasingly possible for others to make a comfy living using the web.

2nd story: Axl Rose, lead singer of Guns and Roses, is suing the makers of guitar hero 3 because they included Slash and his music.  Guitar Hero 3 has made over $1billion. A significant proportion of these sales are from downloadable songs that are not included in the original game.

3rd story: Rockband allows you to upload and submit your own tracks for review – approved tracks become available in the store and you get a cut of every purchase.

Digitisation is how pretty much everything these days is now digital: music, video, film, tv, ebooks, etc. There are social and tech changes that are changing the media landscape.

Web207 Design Philosophy

  • Be critical and creative at the same time.
  • Module 1 is more critical/theoretical
  • Module 2 is more creative/practical

But the two are not separable… theory informs all good practice.

Content and curation matter today! To an extent, all industries in one way or another are media industries.

There is a theme that Content is king and that the people out there who know how to collate it and present it in an easy to digest manner are the big winners on the net. Tama disagrees and thinks they both matter. Curation has been overemphasised.

Week 1: discussing Convergence and Digitisation.

Convergence (ala Henry Jenkins): technological and social change facilitated by (but not exclusively driven by) new technologies and affordances. This is mutually evolving… they drive each other to change.

Digitisation: everything becomes digital, but what are the implications? Most of us grew up analogue. How do you cope? What about media industries?

Week 2 +3 : Film and TV (Hollywood)

Week 4 + 5 + 6: Music, Games and Photography

Essay is then due.

Module 2: About web-native forms of media. Remixes and Mashups, youtube creativity, mobile media and apps, and spreadability.

App culture is where we’re going. If it doesn’t spread it’s dead.



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