Topic 2.3 Mobile Media & Apps

In order to get started thinking through this area, when reading, please consider:

  1. Do smart phones, tablets and other highly portable devices fundamentally change our relationship to and with media? Are we now (and will we increasingly become) part of a nexus of perpetual web media creation and consumption?
  2. While the iPhone and smart phones in general are iconic of black-box convergence (ie all technologies coming together in one device), on the basis of the reading and your experience, will one device ever be the ‘norm’?
  3. How important are apps? Are these just programs for new types of computers, or is app culture a markedly different approach to buying software? Indeed, are apps just software or has the distinction between programs and web media forms become even less clear?

Yes, smartphones etc intrinsically alter our relationship with media. Media is now a creation and consumption of all people everywhere. Smartphones are the techs we had to have (much like a recession,…. you hate it but you have to have it)

Yes, I believe there will be one device that will become the usual single most used device by most people. As with computers when they first arrived, people embraced the technology and it wasn’t until much later that other systems like Mac etc, started to infringe upon that market. I believe the same will happen again – we will find a tech and most of us will embrace it and then later a smaller market will be established of alternatives.

Apps are software that encourage micropayments.  They are vital to the success of the palm devices available now. But essentially they are just software.

Core Reading

Kate Crawford, “Always with me: how mobile and social media are changing us”, UNSW TV, 23rd September 2010,

Sawhney, H. (2009). Innovations at the Edge: The Impact of Mobile Technologies on the Character of the Internet. In G. Goggin & L. Hjorth (Eds.), Mobile Technologies: From Telecommunications to Media (1st ed., pp. 105-117). New York: Routledge. [eReserve]

Hjorth, L. (2009). The big bang: An example of mobile media as new media. Computers in Entertainment (CIE), 7(2), 1-13. [via Library Catalogue]

Moses, A. (2010, September 24). Fruit Ninja iPhone app selling millions of copies. Brisbane Times. Retrieved from


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