Back to the Grind: SP 1, 2011

So here we are again, about to hit the slog with two brand new subjects… RMIT’s MMC140 (Photoshop digital imaging) and WEB206 (Web Publishing). Both certainly look entertaining and engaging although MMC140 has already begun with a hiccup (There’s a delay for the start) but I’m really looking forward to them both.


The worst thing about doing OUA uni is the only break you get, is those little two days between study periods. No matter how much I try to prepare myself, it is never enough time to unwind and close off one unit before starting a new one. So strap yourselves in, we’re back on that rollercoaster πŸ™‚



5 thoughts on “Back to the Grind: SP 1, 2011

    • WEB206 wasn’t available in sp 4 so i had to take them the other way around. The pre-req for WEB207 is NED 11 of all things, so it wasn’t an issue. Glad to see you’re going to be part of MMC140! πŸ˜‰ There’s a group for it on facebook too.

  1. I got confused, I’m doing mmv110..oops haha. I may do mmc140 later on, I’m taking a web animation unit next study period which I think will come in handy for web design πŸ™‚

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