Wk 6: What wasn’t, now is

So this week we learned about manipulating photographs to make things seem seamless even when they aren’t. While I’ve done some of this sort of thing before, there were quite a few things new to me.

Use the crop tool to straighten horizons. Crop the entire image, then drag the bottom crop line up to the horizon and rotate until it’s level. Then expand the bottom line again to ensure you have the whole shot.

You can clip masks to specific layers (not just other layers).

The selection tool can highlight and have adjustment masks placed onto that specific selection.

Great tip: when combining to images one on top of another like in a panorama, create a mask on the image on TOP and then apply a gradient tool from the edge of the image to where the line is to soften its effect. Practise this one, Dec, practise it.

Here is my image from this week’s work.

Before and After Photo Manipulation - December Medland CC-BY-NC-ND
Before and After Photo Manipulation – December Medland CC-BY-NC-ND. This image took me forever but only because I just kept hating the results. I did the ‘curves > auto’ thing and really feel it has washed out the image. There’s no definition left in the sand anymore. But I’ve removed the guy in the shot ruining the image and then added the focal point that Michael and Jett were looking for (except Kristin was a lot further up in the sky when this shot was taken) so I merged her landing shots with this one. I really don’t know how it looks at all now – been looking at it for too long!


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