Wk 8: Assignment Results

So after much hoo-haaing, I created three different pictures to try and impress my tutors with.

Don't Pee in the Pool

Don't Pee in the Pool

This was my first image created and I submitted this. I used the three lower images to create the top image.

Open Ablutions

Open Ablutions

This one was very hard to make and in the end, I scrapped this one because I couldn’t get the lighting on the bath to work the way I wanted. Although I preferred this one to the first one, I felt the humour in the first one was far more striking than in this image.

Paint the Moon

Paint the Moon

I was really proud of this image but it took me a really long time! It was worth it though!

I received 18/20.

Comments : In 3A all hope is dashed by the presence of that skeleton hand – things are not going to go well. The tongue-in-cheek, slapstick quality is engaging and allows the viewer to perceive the humour within the horror, creating a further safe remove from the ‘reality’ of the scene. Your combining of the elements is mostly very well handled. The skeleton hand though is spatially ambiguous. Some of the reflections from the window falling across this element would have visually secured it as being placed behind the glass. 3B has a consistent global quality to the contrast and hues present throughout all the elements, creating a convincing illusion. The ladder’s reflection is excellent, and its pale green hue adds an accent of colour that brings focus to the main action while also making a subtle complimentary harmony with the red paint tray. The painter’s vigorous roller strokes give a dynamic feeling of action. Logically I feel the moon should cast a refection onto the wet wharf, but I can also see that leaving it out keeps the composition clear and uncluttered.


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