MMC140 Research Journal

Major Project: Part 1: Montage

If Only He Knew

By PaperMonster


A compelling half-face is turned as if looking over their shoulder and gives the impression of secrets held and withheld. Strong vibrant colours contrast against the negative space and a repetition of floral blue motifs represent the hair. The skin has been created using a variety of collaged elements which add a dynamic tension to the entire piece and the placement of the eye lies on the Rule of Thirds, giving it a strong focal point. The delicate splashes of blues and pink hues sprayed over the black emphasises the importance of the main figure and gives a feeling of movement and action. This image successfully draws you in and asks you to discover its closely guarded secrets.







Ammonite Seascape By Lisa Yount Circa 2005

A range of green-blue splotches hides an array of textures that expose an ammonite nautilus seashell and a woman’s upper body. This complex and cluttered piece combines delicate, fine work with messy broad marks that denote dynamic movement. The underlying tones are sombre and the moodiness of the piece extols the complexity of the life in the ocean.

The green and blue hues used throughout the composition remain consistent. However, this is both an asset in establishing a motif and a detriment to the overall piece as it lacks the respite of contrast making the composition complicated and somewhat ambiguous. The woman could be a mermaid or just a lost soul in the ocean. The contours of the image give the sense of movement and change but it lacks the clear focal point needed to be considered successful at telling a compelling story.

Time Flies

By Peggy Wolf


This unique composition displays a female profile with her plaited hair represented by flowers and a clock where her ear would normally lie. A dis-proportionate insect rests on her forehead and also at the end of her braid.

The face and background are similar hues to emphasise the changes made to the original image and showcases the flatness of the image.

The model exhibits a porcelain quality, almost as if she is a doll or cameo and the flowers in her hair draws your focus with its repeating patterns and makes it easy to enjoy the entire piece as a whole but to also concentrate on individual elements. The insects could be interpreted as pollinating the flowers allowing for their change of colour – also indicating the path the insects have taken. The clock shows 1:50 and with the model’s bright eyes, I perceive this as being in the afternoon rather than the early hours of the morning, and this is strengthened by the highlights on her nose and cheek. This image could easily be a representation of the connection between women and nature. The stylised softness of the hues and the juxtaposition of the clock connect notions of nature, Mother Earth, time and beauty which are all typically associated with womanhood.




Sascalia uses a combination of modern abstract and symbology to create a young and feminine piece representing a landscape scene against a backdrop of newspaper.

This appealing composition contains a strong focal point in the black, defined tree with engorged fruit growing from its branches. The purple base representing the undulating ground allows much of the collaged background newspaper to shine through and is accentuated by the individual flowers that adorn the ground. This image dictates youth and vibrancy not only through its use of colours but by its simplistic style.

The clever use of opacity for the foreground cements the figure to the entire theme and engages the viewer with its rhythm. The newspaper represents the clutter of life, words and ideas which contrasts against the clean, crisp lines imposed by the main components of the image. This antithesis gives a solid sense of harmony to the Tree of Life, laden with the fruits of a complex life.

Orca Killer Whale

By Artbarkers



This image is composed of over 1000 photos of whales to create a synthesised larger Orca whale motif.

While the general theme is easily identifiable, once viewed closely, the intricate details become apparent. This adds a prodigious dimension and texture to how it is viewed from both afar and near.

The clever use of shading and mimicked tonality form a merged image that is both complex and subtle and this creates the feeling of illusion; similar to looking into a maze of mirrors.

While this piece may not emit defined passion or intensity due to its lack of defined edges, it has a quiet harmony and elaborate spatial identity that captivates the audience.


Grade : 9.8 out of 10

Comments : Your journal covers an interesting and varied range of artists and artworks. The descriptions of the images are succinct, and your formal analysis is excellent. Your personal interpretations and responses to the images are communicated insightfully and clearly.


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