New Study Period – Here comes SP 2

So here we go again, starting a fresh study period. I’ve really enjoyed Study Period 1, despite a few hiccups. It was a ‘doing’ study period, a creative time because both WEB206 and MMC140 are incredibly creative. Making a blog, manipulating images… it’s hard to dislike that sort of stuff, when really, to be completely frank, this is the sort of area I’ve love to major in. It’s just a bummer that OUA doesn’t have any degree in something that funky.

I’ll publish my WEB206 Final assessment in a couple of weeks, but now it’s time to focus on this new batch of units. This study period I am doing PHI110 (Philosophy, Morality and Society) and CMM23 (Media Buying and Planning). I have created Study Guides for both…. the one for PHI110 is 123 pages long. that’s AFTER i trimmed it. CMM23 may not have as much bulk in its material provided but that’s because, once again, it is a self-regulated unit just like COM14 was. This means the full extent of interaction is made up of “Read the textbook, answer the questions. read the textbook, answer the questions. Do the assignment”. So although that’s a negative aspect, it’s still far better than ‘required participation’ on the discussion board, as I have with PHI110.

So here we go again, along for the ride. Are you ready?

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