Week 2, 3 and 4 of Philosophy

Portrait of Aristoteles. Pentelic marble, copy...

Aristotle. Image via Wikipedia

I’ve never felt like such a dumbarse. Normally I put all my stuff on here so I can come back and refresh myself on what I’ve learned. So here’s what I’ve learned from weeks 2 through to 4.

Yep, that’s it. Empty space, zilch, zip, nada, nothing. Zero. I just don’t seem capable of wrapping my head around this philosophy at all. The discussion board is completely overwhelming and every day I sink further into despair. I completed my assignment to the worst of my ability and cringe knowing I have another two to do.

But tonight, I discovered a couple of gems (written by a couple of gem students) that really helped.

This first one is from EG:

Aye, throttle the mottle Aristotle!

or -at least- hit him with a bottle,

a bottle full of mycean red

so that he’ll wobble off to bed

and no longer inflate my head

’till it’s about to burst and spill

more nonsense on the forum yet =D

And this one is from AC:

Epicurean, Stoic, Nicomachean, are they ‘really’ all the same?

Are the main conclusions to these philosophies the same?

ie. Do good, Avoid evil, Refine the Means.

Each seem to practice, but have a distinct emphasis on either – Doing good, Avoiding Evil, or Refining the Means.

This is quite a broad and non exacting question, but I’d like to think of it like this.

In the no-spirit of Epicureanism I’ve left some freedom for thought. For the Stoics it was meant to be, and considering this is a philosophy class, studying Nicomachean Ethics, I think it is reasonable question with a practical function.

It seems to nicely sum up 3 weeks of work!

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