Relatively Speaking. Wk 5 of Philosophy

Descriptive Relativism:

* Factual
* Different cultures have different values

=Native Americans have different values than Kurds

Cultural Relativism:

*Right and wrong should be interpreted in terms of respective culture

=When considering the differences in Kurdish and Native American values, you should consider their respective cultures.

Moral Relativism:

*There are no absolute truths
*Morality is all relative

=Right or wrong simply depends on whether you are Kurdish or Native American.

Normative Relativism:

*Cultural relativist who thinks we shouldn’t judge others because he is a moral relativist (even if he doesn’t know it yet!)

=It is not for us to judge whether the Kurds or Native Americans are right.

This succinct description I found on the discussion board, posted by TP. Thanks TP!

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