CMM23 Final Assignment Ad Pitch Brief

Minute Makeup™ Advertising Pitch

Author’s note: All creative ideas and elements are the sole creation of the author unless cited.

Figure 1: Author’s rendition of product adapted from images sourced at


Our Vision

A revolutionary product, Minute Makeup™ applies cosmetics to the face, in under 60 seconds, giving a professional look with every use. Customisable yet ‘idiot-proof’, the aim is to make Minute Makeup™ the next must-have electronic purchase for consumers. This innovative product has a capacity to reach buyers in various demographics as it combines beauty, fashion and technology. Minute Makeup™ has a genuine opportunity to garner market share in the Beauty and Health retail industry. The market for colour cosmetics in Australia was estimated to be worth US$657 million in 2007 (ResearchWikis 2007) and as Australians are considered early adopters of technology, Minute Makeup™ is likely to be embraced by consumers quickly (Cagilaba 2010).

Product Analysis

Minute Makeup™ is a bathroom appliance that allows buyers to replace almost all their existing makeup products. Users place their face inside the unit, with their eyes shut, where sensors scan the face, detecting size, shape, dis-colourations, skin-tone, and facial locations. It then applies micro mineral makeup to the face, according to the settings chosen by the consumer. 40 – 90 seconds later, the process is complete and an audible sound alerts the user. The product runs on mains electricity and incorporates several safety features. It uses replaceable makeup cartridges (both brand names and generic) and also connects to the Apple iPhone/iPad/iPod 4th generation products where additional Minute Makeup™ Recipes can be downloaded to the unit, giving complete customisation for individuality. Minute Makeup™ ensures a professional application of cosmetics each and every time. Like an inkjet printer, the unit has the capacity to clean itself after each use.

The product has a ‘set and forget’ mode where users can choose from a colour range (Cool or Warm), coverage range (Sheer, Medium or Full) or custom mode (which uses recipes downloaded via the Apple products). The unit comes fully supplied with a generic set of micro mineral makeup cartridges coloured cyan, magenta, yellow, black and nude.

Minute Makeup™ does not apply mascara or eyeliner as these are liquid products; however micro mineral particles are fine enough to create complete coverage without the need for any additional products. Users may choose to apply further eyeliner, mascara or lip-gloss after the process has been completed for a more dramatic finish.

To prevent itself from becoming an outdated ‘gadget’, Minute Makeup™ will continually update the unit every 18 months with additional features and may venture into a ‘home use’ and ‘commercial use’ product line.


Minute Makeup™ has safety features built in to ensure product quality and credibility. If the eyes or mouth open at any point while inside the machine, it will automatically shut off. This is to prevent any injury to these areas and give confidence to the consumer. The product is splash resistant to assist in minimizing issues with electrical conductivity and all components are fully contained. Automatic shutoff will also occur if there are fluctuations of power available (due to brownouts or blackouts) or if water enters the inside of the unit.


Minute Makeup™ provides several consumables to complement the initial unit. Replacement cartridges of micro mineral powders (similar to those in an office printer) will be available to purchase in either generic or branded packs. Initial agreements have already been created with Revlon, Covergirl and Napoleon Perdis while other popular brands of makeup are expected to become available in the near future. Lipgloss, Mascara and Eyeliner pencils will also be available for purchase, bearing the Minute Makeup™ brand as well as a Cosmetic Setting Mist which is sprayed on immediately after use of the unit to ensure make up longevity throughout the day.  Personalised Minute Makeup™ Recipes and Designer Recipes (from cross-media brands) will be available for download from the website via iTunes and transferred from iDevices to the product. This allows for full customisation of makeup as required on an individual basis by consumers. It is envisaged that Android devices will also be compatible in the future.

Situation Analysis

Minute Makeup™ is a revolutionary product from a completely new brand. Cross-media ties with other familiar brands like Revlon, Cover Girl, Napoleon Perdis and Apple increase the credibility and equity of the Minute Makeup™ image and this will prove vital in impacting consumer confidence. With thousands of products already in the Health and Beauty industry, the technological aspect of Minute Makeup™ will make it stand out to purchasers. According to The Australian Centre for Retail Studies, it will be product innovation that is the cornerstone for securing and maintaining consumers (2009). Minute Makeup™ uses the same name for its product and brand, which can make it easier to market but may cause some confusion in the long term. This will need to be addressed in later campaigns if new products are created in the future.


A logo and slogan have been created to effectively brand the Minute Makeup™ range. The brand will emulate Apple products as being a slick, sexy, desirable appliance that gives added value to the customer’s life. The double-M design is expected to become instantly recognisable on all Minute Makeup™ products.


Minute Makeup Logo

Minute Makeup Logo with Slogan

When developing the logo and tagline, we considered other options including:

Other Taglines Considered

v  The Power of Beauty

v  Beautiful Innovation


Other Logos considered

v  A clock

v  60 seconds

The slogan or tagline “Innovative Beauty” allows for any future products that Minute Makeup™ may wish to launch in the future and gives instant connotations of technology merged with flawlessness.

Font choice is sans serif which evokes a contemporary and modern feel. The colours work well on plain white and can be easily inversed to sit on black while the teal adds a splash of colour. These fonts are particularly suited to a print and web environment and imitate the current trends for logos of Web 2.0 technologies (Coles 2006).


Minute Makeup™ is a luxury product and therefore is best suited to be packaged as such (Hampshire & Stephenson 2007).

Packaging Types: v  Sealed in leather makeup case with a lower drawer to hold consumables.

v  Leather case is presented in a white balsa wooden with a lift off lid (with teal trim)

v  For ease of transportation, a clear cellophane sealed bag surrounds each box.



Author’s rendition of packaging adapted from images sourced from Chanel/Luggage and Carryons


Due to its price point, Minute Makeup™ is likely to be displayed (Underwood 2003) in lockable glass counters or on shelves behind serving counters. Not only does this provide security for the product but it adds to its sense of exclusivity and quality.


The Health and Beauty industry has five major distribution channels: pharmacies, specialist retailers, department stores, the internet and supermarkets (ACRS 2009, p. 4). It is expected that Minute Makeup™ will only be available in specialist retailers, department stores and the internet as this added exclusivity gives it an image of quality and prestige, while only minimally affecting market coverage (Shujaat 2009, p. 7).

Department Stores:

v  David Jones v  Myer

Specialist Retailers:

v  Napoleon Perdis

v  Cosmetic Essentials

v  High-end Spas & Beauty Salons


v  Minute Makeup™ Website exclusively


As a luxury item, the price of the Minute Makeup™ unit is $499.95. The average UK woman spends AUD$15000 on her makeup in a lifetime and this is a considerable cost saving as a long lasting investment in beauty (BellaSugarAustralia 2010). According to ResearchWiki (2007), Australian women are inclined to associate higher prices with superior quality.  Additional sales are expected in Minute Makeup™ Consumables:

v  Mascara $19.95

v  Lip Gloss $19.95

v  Eyeliners $14.95

v  Makeup Setting Mist $39.95

v  Downloadable Recipes $4.99 – 15.99 (generic, custom and designer labels)

v  Makeup Cartridges $39.95 to $99.95 (range from generic to Napoleon Perdis)

Target market


Health and Beauty products typically target women aged 13 – 65 years of age (ResearchWikis 2007). Minute Makeup™ expects purchasers to be in three main subgroups:

Teenagers (13 – 19 years) respond particularly well to celebrity endorsements (ResearchWikis 2007) and although they are unlikely to be buyers of the initial product, it is expected they will use ‘pester power’ to influence their parents into purchasing  (McDermott et al. 2006). Teenagers will likely purchase Minute Makeup™ consumables (ResearchWikis 2007).
Working women (26 – 45 years) as they wear makeup on a daily basis and have more disposable income than other groups (ResearchWikis 2007). Women aged over 21 generally seek out mid to high priced products.
The ageing baby boomers (45 – 65 years) who like products that offer convenience and added benefits and are willing to pay a premium price for it (ResearchWikis 2007).

Geographical Location

v  Focus will be on Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne as they present the most populated areas with a high propensity for internet activity (McLaren & Zappalà 2002).

v  Regional areas will also be targeted as they contain 40% of the 18-35 age group (Houghton 2011).


Minute Makeup™ has been created to appeal to a variety of demographics giving us a broad spectrum to target. The product blends the affluence and exclusivity of high end fashion with the miniaturisation, ubiquitousness and speed of technology and this leads us to merging demographics for both sales of gadgets and beauty items (Gajendar 2001, p. 23).

Users of the Minute Makeup™ extend the reach beyond initial buyers and include:


v  Earn above award wages v  Have an interest in beauty regimes
v  Have some basic computer skills v  Appreciate having the latest fashion accessories
v  Have access to the Internet v  Emphasis on working women aged 18 – 45


Technology Buffs

v  Use an Apple product (iPad/iPod/iPhone) v  Use the internet at least 3 times per week for more than just email
v  Australians see themselves as early adopters of new technology (Telstra n.d.)


Other Niche Markets

v  Males – gay and transgender v  Performing Artists
v  High End Beauty Salons v  Professional Makeup Artists

Media Choices and analysis

We have determined that to best reach our target audience, a combination of television, internet and sampling will be the basis for our campaign. This combination has proven successful in the past as evidenced by Tippex, Old Spice and NAB advertisements ( n.d.). As the bulk of our campaign will be online, efficient television use will be crucial.


v  Forms the core of our campaign because of the value it represents and the ability to target technology users.

v  Has the ability to go viral and therefore tap unexpected markets including international exposure

v  Australians are early adopters of technology (Cagilaba 2010).

  • Sydney is in the top 10 cities in the world by twitter usage
  • 6 million Australian users of Facebook
  • 1 million Australian professionals on LinkedIn

v  The Internet is core to the culture of Australia (Ewing, Thomas & Schiessl 2008).

v  Website interactivity gives users the chance to try it for themselves and also allows for precise tracking of customer interest and enquiry. The website is also the main point of purchase, which will also identify other resellers.

v  Banner Advertising will assist with brand awareness particularly at launch

v  Google Adwords, Sponsored Search and Bing Search Ads will generate ‘stickiness’ and ‘clickability’. These are the three main search engines used on the internet.

v  Social Media will give the customer the opportunity to communicate directly with Minute Makeup™ representatives.


v  15 second commercials provide lead generation back to the website

v  Will specifically target women’s television and technological based programming

v  By avoiding prime time but increasing our saturation, we can reach 68% or our target market (Houghton 2011)

v  Television is proven to dramatically increases brand awareness ( n.d.)

v  3 celebrity endorsements will increase familiarity with the product and brand

v  TVC 1 deliberately doesn’t mention the brand name vocally but only by looking at the screen will they know the web address and the product advertised. This is to implement intrigue and interest.


v  To be conducted at all Westfield shopping centres in Australia.

v  ¾ of the population live within a ½ hour drive from these locations (Westfield n.d.).

v  Generates extra credibility for the consumer (Belch et al. 2008)

v  Sampling conducted prior to official launch generates interest and excitement without the traditional push of a sale. This is particularly evident, as proven by the launch of Nintendo’s Wii game console (Brignoli 2008, p. 46). By having this option available before the launch, any customer concerns or dislikes can be addressed and rectified.

Costed budget



Video Production of 4 x 15 second TV Commercials


Video Production  3 x 120 second Web Videos


Television Air Time


Interactive Website, domain names etc


Social Media Marketer (12 months)


Internet Advertising


Celebrity Endorsement x 3





$1.5 million


Video Production

4 x 15 second TVC ( n.d.)

v  Conducted entirely in studio to reduce costs. v  Filmed in High Definition (HD)
v  Commercials run as a series to enable good brand awareness

3 x 120 second Web Videos

v  Conducted entirely in studio v  1 Video to be humorous encouraging viral interaction
v  2 Videos to be informative/educational v  Can be shot in web resolution which is cheaper than HD.


Television Air Time          

Daily spend allowance of $2500 over 6 months. Air Time will be purchased in bulk to give greater savings. Costs include 10 places on 3 alternating channel streams, 4 days per week during non prime time periods (Houghton 2011).

Allocated Budget allows for non prime time because females aged 18 – 45 are most likely to view television during these times (OzTAM 2011).

Includes PayTV, Digital and Analogue channels in selected technology, fashion and beauty television shows

Locations include Metro (Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide), Regional (Regional QLD, Northern NSW, Southern NSW, Victoria, Tasmania and Regional WA) as well as nationally via PayTV.

TV Channels included in budget



Fashion TV



The Universal Channel



Lifestyle You

Style Network

Sci Fi


National Geographic

BBC Knowledge (Science and Technology)

Discovery Home and Health

Travel and Living Channel

Digital Stations







Analogue stations




Channels not listed do not provide sufficient demographics to ensure value for investment.


A fully interactive website, mobile application, plus webhosting and domain name purchasing is included in the budget. The website will allow consumers to upload their own images and then create unique recipes which can then be downloaded to the Minute Makeup™. Costs include web design, graphic design, maintenance and ancillary components.

Social Media Marketer

A social media marketer will be employed on a 12 month contract to maintain and report on all social media outlets.

v  Update Facebook, Twitter and Google+ 4 times per week

v  Maintain and generate interest in Minute Makeup™ via Social Media through Facebook competitions, Twitter trending, Google+ integration and YouTube videos.

v  Respond to and maintain YouTube videos

v  Ensure efficient operation of the iTunes account and Minute Makeup™ mobile app.

v  Monitor and report on viral saturation

v  Write relevant blog articles increasing the buzz for the product on the Minute Makeup™ website.

v  Issue reports to Web Development team regarding Google Adwords/Sponsored Search and emerging social media tools.



Internet Advertising

v  Google Adwords v  Facebook Adverts v  YouTube Advertising
v  1.2 million Banner Ads v  Yahoo Sponsored Search Bing Search Ads


Celebrity Endorsement

v  Jennifer Hawkins (representing the youth market)

v  Napoleon Perdis (promoting his own line of consumables cartridges using the Minute Makeup™ device.)

v  Rebecca Gibney (representing the mature market)


v  Conducted at 44 Westfield Shopping Centres across Australia nationally over a two-week period prior to launch.

v  Allows consumers to try the Minute Makeup™ for themselves without any push to buy.

v  Gives ample opportunity for demonstration of product and its benefits.

v  Obtains essential last minute customer feedback.


Competitor analysis

There are no direct competitors with this product, and this poses both advantages and disadvantages for this campaign.


v  Market Share will be dominated v  Sets a new standard of expectation in blending beauty and technology
v  Entirely innovative product extends the target market beyond the norm for Health and Beauty v  Cross-Promotion with recognised brand names will add to brand image


v  Customers will find it difficult to compare Minute Makeup™ against other similar products

v  The brand has no current equity in the marketplace


The Minute Makeup™ advertising campaign provides a solid foundation for launching itself as a brand along with its products. It focuses on the technological aspect as an appliance but also encompasses the marketing strategies required to influence the beauty demographic. The use of the Internet as the core structure for the campaign is designed to minimise cost whilst delivering high impact branding and visitor statistics. Television provides strong lead generation to the website and is supplemented by sampling and celebrity endorsement. As the product is revolutionary, the market is untapped and therefore will create many opportunities for long term reach. Our campaign provides a thorough exploitation of available advertising means and should return positive results.



Appendix A: Creative Concepts

15 second TVC 1 – Universal Skintones (Jennifer hawkins)





General: Ambience should be light, elegant and expressive. Gentle tween transitions. Jennifer wears flowing small patterns in teal, white and black. All lower case letters used in teal that matches logo. The double-M logo should always be discernable somewhere in the background.
Embedded Music: Soft, Playful

JH: The Revolution is here (pause)

Scrolling right to left a variety of women’s heads and shoulders are seen in a range of ethnicity and personal style.  
JH: Professional Beautiful Makeup for any skin type, any skin colour, and every woman. In less than 60 seconds. Transition to Jennifer against a white backdrop speaking as she walks toward camera from right to left. The double-M logo is faint in the background. Scrolling heads continue in lower portion of the screen.

Jennifer Hawkins’ name appears beside her at baseline.

JH: This is technology you can’t live without. (pause) Curious? Closeup on Jennifer’s face – one eyebrow slightly raised.  
JH: Find out more!

Embedded music fades

Revolving MM displayed on white. Minute Makeup logo centred.

Web address displayed

15 second TVC 2 – IDevice Compatible (Napoleon PERDIS)





Associative words: Darling, fabulous, exciting, modern. Hard cuts for transitions with jagged, swift styling. All lower case letters used in teal that matches logo. The double-M logo should always be discernable somewhere in the background.
NP: If you have Minute Makeup Image of MM revolving on white  
NP: And you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod IPhone revolving on white, swipes left to an iPad, swipes left to an iPod 4 Touch  
NP: Then you are going to love my designer Minute Makeup recipes Iphone plugging into MM. iPhone screen shows downloading MM recipes. Closeup on graphic. Graphic representation of app downloading recipes on screen.
NP: I’m Napoleon Perdis and I can make you look beautiful. (pause) In under 60 seconds. (pause) You’re going to love it! [Cut to]

Napoleon’s head and shoulders against white background with an iDevices on left, MM on right.

Napoleon’s brand name appears beside him.
  MM revolving on white. Minute Makeup logo centred.

Web address






General: Ambience should be short sharp punchy speech. Fast cuts and transitions, focusing on the women, their makeup and the product. All lower case letters used in teal that matches logo. The double-M logo should always be discernable somewhere in the background.
JH: The Revolution is here. Jennifer Hawkins enters from left against black background, walking briskly. Double-M logo visible behind her.
RG: The future is NOW.


Rebecca Gibney enters from right and joins Jennifer Hawkins. Camera zooms out to a pedestal rotating with a MM on top with both ladies either side of it.  
(quickened speech)

JH: Flawless     RG: Beautiful

JH: Sexy

The girls watch the words move around the screen as they speak. The words Flawless, Beautiful and Sexy float around and behind the two women.
RG: Makeup how you want it

JH: When you want it


Rebecca faces camera for close up of her eyes, then her lips. As Jennifer speaks her line, the camera pans down her cheeks then rotors backward to encompass a closeup of her face, forehead to chin.  
RG: Every single time

JH: And In less than 60 seconds.


Both ladies stand beside the MM on the pedestal. The double-M logo glows behind them on the black background  
JH:  Find out more online Black screen with MM logo centred Web address.





15 second TVC 4 – conversation (all celebrities)





General: A relaxed but pointed conversation Conversational style footage. All three celebrities sit on teal couches with a coffee table in the centre with the MM products and consumables on them. All lower case letters used in teal that matches logo. The double-M logo should always be discernable somewhere in the background.
JH: I want it done in under a minute. Jennifer Hawkins sitting on couch, holding MM white carry case.  
RG: I want it to be easy.


Slide transition to Rebecca Gibney picking up an iPad from the table.  
NP: And I want it to be gorgeous! Napoleon grins showing with MM cartridges in his hands, some generic and some of his branded ones.  
RG: But it also needs to be unique – just for me! Close up of RG switching to CUSTOM (with iDevice attached)  
JH: And it also needs to be good for you!


Jennifer looks at Napoleon and waggles her finger.  
NP: In a range of brands we’re already familiar with Napoleon smiles as he answers and then indicates his own brand of cartridges.  
RG: Is all that even possible? Focus on MM  
JH and NP: It is now! Show all three leaving with a MM white carry case or white box or unit, exiting in three different directions. Fade to black. Minute Makeup logo centred.

Web address


120 second Web Video 1 – one minute





General: A family completes its morning ritual Slick, humorous jaunty and edgy. Crisp bathroom scene and outdoor. Shows affluent household and neighbourhood. All lower case letters used in teal that matches logo.
Embed Jaunty up-tempo music.

YDaughter: I’ll just be a minute.

Highlight in fx as she preens.

Man in video begins lathering up to shave. Young daughter enters, closeup of her turning dial to SHEER, inserts face in MM, preens in mirror and exits bathroom.  
Wife: I’ll only be a minute.

Chime as she waves to man.

Wife enters bathroom. Smiles at man who is now shaving. Dial closeup being switched to Cool. Uses MM, checks makeup, leaves with wave to man.  
EDaughter: I’ll just take one minute.

Highlight in fx as she winks.

Eldest daughter enters bathroom. Man is now beginning on second side of face. Daughter uses dial (pan shot) to make adjustments. Younger brother in school uniform enters and points to his watch. Daughter uses MM and slightly shakes her head at her father as she exits bathroom – man is wiping his face with towel. Man has cut his face with razor and starts sticking tissue on his face.  
Car fx

EDaughter: For-EVVVA!

[Cut to] Man enters front driveway and sees whole family waiting impatiently for him in a luxury 4WD: he has noticeable tissue paper covering several cut marks where he has shaved. Eldest daughter rolls her eyes and sighs. Closeup of car interior as she speaks.  
  He looks sheepish and gets in the car. Fade to black. Double-M fades in and then glows becoming the MM logo Flawless Makeup.

One minute.

Music fades. Voice Over: Minute Makeup – innovative beauty. Revolving MM displayed. Minute Makeup logo centred with web address.





General: Split screen bathroom scene facing camera, demonstrates MM in real time. Conversational style footage. Jennifer on the left applies makeup from foundation onwards until the end of the video. Napoleon stands behind Rebecca giving his monologue. All lower case letters used in teal that matches logo. MM logo behind on both sides of the screen.
NP: I’m going to show you in real time just how fast, how simple and how flawless Minute Makeup is. Rebecca, please place the Minute Makeup in front of you. Jennifer begins by applying foundation. Rebecca sits in chair facing camera. Napoleon walks up from behind. Rebecca rotates sideways 180° and moves the MM to in front of her. Her profile faces Jennifer. Names appear next to models
NP: Rebecca, you are wearing teal today so select Cool on the first dial and Medium to select your coverage. Rebecca follows instructions. Close up of dials being changed.  
NP: Cool colours bring out the teals and greens, warm colours bring out your reds and pinks. You can choose Full, Sheer or Medium coverage. Now press the button. Rebecca inserts her head in the device. Presses the button. A timer begins on the bottom right of screen counting up the seconds.
Now she’ll need to stay very still while her head is in the machine. It can detect if there is any movement at all and will automatically stop if she opens her eyes or mouth, so it’s very safe to use. Right now, the machine is analysing her skintone and any imperfections she has, and working out where her eyes and mouth are. Now it uses a fine spray of micro mineral makeup onto her skin, giving her a flawless and long lasting coverage. Mineral makeup is really good for your skin and is hypoallergenic and won’t clog your pores. It’s also gentle on the skin and brilliant at covering fine lines. Next it will generate colours that suit the cool range she has chosen but that also go with her particular skintone and apply them to her eyes. It will add complementary coloured blush to her cheeks and add mineral powder lipstick. It will even darken your lashes and eyebrows. And remember, these are just the ‘set and forget’ settings – it’s all totally customisable on the website!
Audible Beep is heard when it is finished.

NP: And there you have it. It’s done! Rebecca, let us have a look at you!

Rebecca removes her head from the unit. Jennifer continues applying makeup facing camera on the left. Rebecca turns and faces the camera – Napoleon hands her a mirror. Timer stops at 53 seconds.
RG: Oh wow! That’s amazing, and in under 60 seconds!

NP: I know! Incredible, isn’t it? Notice how you look like you’ve applied a touch of mascara even though you haven’t!

Rebecca continues to examine her makeup. Jennifer begins applying loose powder.  
NP: You can also use additional mascara and eyeliner or even lip gloss if you want to…

RG: (interrupting) No, no. I look great just like this!

NP: Now for best results, spray the Minute Makeup Setting Mist to your face and that will ensure your makeup lasts all day long.

Napoleon hands Rebecca Minute Makeup consumables. Rebecca puts them on the bench in front of her. We get a flash of a close up of the products. Napoleon hands Rebecca the Setting Mist and she closes her eyes facing camera, and squirts it onto herself. Jennifer is still applying powder.  
NP: Now you can see how fast and quick that is! Perfect makeup every single time! Both models on the right side are looking in the mirror (facing camera) and then stare at Jennifer still applying makeup.  
JH: Give it to me!!!!

NP and RG laugh.

Jennifer reaches for the eye makeup, and then slams it down on the bench. She reaches through the split screen (shattering the vertical line between both windows) and grabs the MM unit. Split Screen becomes one.
NP: To learn more about the amazing Minute Makeup, head over to the website.

RG: Seriously, there’s just no going back from this is there? (voices fade)

Fade to white. Minute Makeup logo and website displayed.

120 second Web Video 3 – consumables




General: informational video showing cartridge use and iDevice connectivity. There is no speech during this clip – only music and special effects. All lower case letters used in teal that matches logo.
The MM revolves. Hands pick it up and the bottom is opened, revealing spent cartridges. A closeup of fresh cartridge choices – a female hand chooses the CoverGirl makeup and inserts it into the bottom then closes the lid. The hands place it back on the bench.

[Cut to] The same hands are on a keyboard with a mouse visible and the MM website. The hands use the mouse to upload a photo of a face. Then using sliders and painting tools, the hands design a very specific makeup, with green on the eyes, white foundation and the MM logo on her cheek in black. The mouse then clicks on a button labelled “Add to Recipes”. The screen shows 2 recipes already in her basket. The mouse clicks on Download Recipes.

[Cut to] An iPhone beeps. Female hands open it up at iTunes with the recipe ready to be downloaded. The hands go through the motions of downloading the file and then inserting a cable from the iPhone to the MM. The hands twist the dials to Custom and the iPhone indicates it is syncing. When it has finished, a head enters the machine and her hand presses the button. A timer indicates 60 seconds. She removes her head facing camera with exactly the same face that she designed in the recipe maker. She smiles then turns her head so the MM logo on her cheek is facing the camera. She winks.

Music fades. Voice Over: Minute Makeup – innovative beauty. Revolving MM displayed. Minute Makeup logo centred with web address.



Author’s Rendition of Plausible Website

Upload your own image via the Recipes link and create your own looks using online cartridge palettes which can be downloaded via iTunes to your iDevices. The Shop link lets you buy the unit and consumables. The Blog is for easy communication between customer and Social Media Marketer. The FAQ page gives all the specs and information on the unit. Website will be coded in a combination of PHP, Flash and XHTML using the latest web 2.0 technologies.


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