MMV110: Ass 2

I had so much trouble using Bridge to complete the work with this one (I personally hate bridge because it is a slow, cumbersome beast but it was necessary to add keywords to the image). However, thanks to Jane, I did find a fix that helped in the short term at least. Holding the Control button down (on a PC) while opening Bridge from the Start Menu gives me the Reset Bridge option. I then selected the top two ensuring they had ticks against them (some advice says to pick all three, but my last one was greyed out and therefore unselectable) and Bridge has definitely been behaving better since doing this.

We had to crop a portrait after doing some work to it. Weird I know. How hard is it to crop an image? But anyway, this forms our second assessment.

I chose a portrait I had taken of Ian earlier in the year. It has had minor adjustments and been cropped to 6 x 4 inches. Uh huh. That’s it. Tough one, I know!

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