Preparing to get back into it.

According to OUA, I am enrolled in ENG210 this study period through Macquarie University.

I am also MEANT to be enrolled in COM22 through Griffith University but like many students switching to the new CSP system via Open Universities Australia, there seems to be a bit of a lag.

I’m not sure I’m looking forward to going back – 7 weeks off has been incredible and I’ve been so busy I now wonder how the hell I ever fitted university in! But nevertheless, onwards and upwards.

To begin this study period, I have created the ENG210 Study Guide. I think it looks rather snazzy.

I’ve never attached a docx file to WordPress before – this should be interesting!



2 thoughts on “Preparing to get back into it.

    • We have LOTS of them!
      OUA – Open Universities Australia
      ENG210 – A practical introduction to creative writing
      COM22 – New Media: Communications in the Electronic Age
      CSP – Commonwealth Supported Place (replaces the old Uni system)

      I’m sure it’s now still clear as mud 😀

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