COM22: Week 3

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Week 3 tasks (2012a) asks us to answer the questions below, however immediately below this are a range of statements/instructions, and are not questions. However, despite the poor English of the Unit Guide (2012a), I have endeavoured to follow the directives given, as listed below.

Directive Words:
Argue: To present the case for and/or against a particular proposition.
Justify: To give evidence which supports an argument or idea; show why decisions or conclusions were made, considering objections that others might make.

Why, Definition and How:
By nature, I am an argumentive person, according to my siblings (Withey, 2012) and I feel this gives me an opportunity to justify and explain my viewpoint on a subject. To argue a point means that I will be able to present one side, making better use of my word limit than if I was to ‘evaluate’ or ‘critique’ it (2012a). The ability to justify gives the opportunity to address SOME of the objections listed and also gives me the chance to outweigh them with my dazzling logic (Medland, 2012). The combination of argue and justify lends additional scope to the subject matter, making it more suitable for an essay.

Initial thoughts on Essay Question
After reading the set texts on unpacking the assignment (2012c), I feel it is important to prune down my ideas into concepts of specificity. The Marking Criteria for the final assessment (2012b) gives analysis marks to

  • Choice of Topic,
  • Clear Question,
  • External Research,
  • Relevance of Research,
  • Integration of Quotes,
  • Development of Argument,
  • Course issues and Concepts.

It is obvious from this the list that the most important things to be focusing is the research, regardless of what the question actually is. This is evident because of the criteria listed, the majority are specifically related to our research ability with only two criteria directly related to our question.There are a total of 13 requirements to fulfill the assignment and even if each are only given a total of 5 marks, this means the total is 70 points. This only allows an additional 30 points to be distributed elsewhere within the criteria so even if these points were given to the actual question argument, the points allocated for research is still equitable enough to suggest the focus should, without a doubt, be on references.

In light of this, my question will be as follows:

Justify and argue for an equitable solution to minimise piracy, addressing specific issues such as copyright and digital distance.

I should find ample external sources relating to these topics. (Google, 2012)


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