COM22: Wk 6

Oh thank google, this is the last one of these we have to do. (Warning, content may drop significantly after this post LOL)

How creative do you think you are when engaging with online user-created content websites? Give some examples of websites or communities you visit/contribute to regularly, making reference to Reading 7 by Burgess & Banks.


As a Social Media Mentor, it is my job to teach people how to be engaging on social networks. While there are a number of ways to do this, I think the two main keys to being engaging is to make conversation and to evolve with the technology. In my YouTube video on Facebook engagement, I explain further about how these two can really polarise your audience into action because it is essential to not treat social media like a traditional marketing tool (geekGOBIN, 2011). Using a video in itself to teach these concepts is one of the ways to be more creative and enjoyable, thus improving engagement. Burgess & Banks (2010) agree, saying that it is this personalisation that demonstrates “the newly visible blurring of the boundaries between everyday communication, creativity and audience participation


Burgess J & Banks J (2010) ‘User-created content and online social networks’ in Cunningham S & Turner G (eds.), The Media & Communications in Australia, 3rd edn., Ch.18, pp.299, Allen and Unwin, Crows Nest. 2011, December’s Top 5 Facebook Tips for Local Business Owners, YouTube Video, Accessed 30 March 2012. []

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