And so it begins… again

ImageWelcome to Study Period 2, 2012.

I’ve been doing this just over two years now. Another two and a bit to go. Ugh – it’s a long winded road to completion. Am pleased to get COM22 firmly settled in the past, although I shall miss the creative writing of ENG210.

This study period I am doing CJR330 – Online News Production. Another Griffith unit and it entails setting up a blog. Well ummm, gee, I should be able to do that, don’t you think? There’s a lot more to it of course, and lots of journalistic styled writing. I don’t see myself as a journalist, but we’ll have to see how I go. Writing ‘fairly’ isn’t really my forte – after all, what’s the point of having a soap box if you don’t use it? So I see this unit as being a challenge.

Also challenging me will be the fact that I need to complete this unit two weeks early because of my Wedding Renewal. So I guess I’d better get stuck right into it then! Thanks google it’s only one subject this study period!

I’m still nervously waiting for results of my final assessments. I don’t really care about COM22, it was a complete waste of an elective and I’ll never get that time back. It was really just a conglomeration of previous units I have completed at Curtin, but for ENG210 I sweated bricks for that subject. Loved it! And I tried really really hard. So I’m aiming high. I want a distinction. I can’t get a High Distincton, I know, because of my mark being downgraded for the second assessment. But a Distinction is still a real possibility for me. Keep your fingers crossed!

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