CWR210: Week 3

Exercise 20:

Choose one of the famous fairytales. Re-­‐-­‐-­‐write it from a contemporary point of view.

Red’s Tale

deluxe-red-riding-hood-zoomHer porcelain face was turned away.
Clutching her cloak, she inwardly prayed.
She grasped the hand so gnarled and old
And told of events as they did unfold.

She’d walked all day in the nearby woods
To bring her grandmother tasty goods.
But all the while he slinked behind
With orange eyes and a savage mind.

He obviously had arrived there first
And chewed on her to slake his thirst.
The pain had seared then set her free.
It was beyond what she could ever conceive.

And then when finally all was lost:
her heart and soul he did accost,
and blackness covered her mind’s eye.
Yet she rose again from her good-bye

and soon became what he had been.
A werewolf child: his next of kin.
With tears, she told the story so
they shot her.


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