CWR210: Wk 4

Exercise 15:

Describe an object as accurately as you can without the use of similes  or metaphor.  No comparisons.  No poetic imagery. Then describe the object again, giving it new life by employing the use of imagery.


The Powerpoint and the Plug

White plastic polymer screwed onto the wall
It gives us electricity with just a click of its ovoid button.
A red square tells me it is on.
Three sockets accept the prongs of the plug that carries power.
Dust collects on top of the plate and in the grooves surrounding the covered screw hole.
It was inserted after the walls were painted. I can tell by the small strokes of colour that dart across the edges.
The plug is grey with a skinny lead and spheroid head. It is attached to an electrical appliance.
They don’t appear very complementary.


He is grey but not old. With three phallic prongs he waits
To caress the creamy smoothness of her. Moulded and shaped,
Slightly dulled with age, she thrums with the expectant vibration of what is to come.
She has been screwed hard against the wall by others and now he can barely wait for his turn.
He rises to the occasion and with one swift motion, plunges into her depths
Fitting so tightly, so snugly that he needs to take pause.
And then the button is flipped, and he feels the tingle that begins with her excitement.
His insides shudder with a surge of power as electricity courses through him.
This is the essence of life. This is the creation of all things. It engulfs him and extends beyond
until, with a second flick, and a quick withdrawal, he lays still and spent on the floor.

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