CWR210: Wk 7

Exercise 4:

Write a poem in the voice of a widow whose husband has been lost at sea. Allow the uncertainty and grief she would be experiencing to guide you.

Lost At Sea

Where are you? I look out the window,
a solitary tear caressing my cheek.
Those in uniform have departed with heads bowed
And I am left alone.
Alone with my fears, and my heart in my mouth.

Lost. Like you are.
At sea. Just like you,
but my ocean is awash with tears that see my soul drowning a long and bewildered death;
Unlike you, who may be alive.
But may not.
Prepare for the worst, they said.
How can I not, when the very concept of life without you is terrifying.
Have hope, they suggested
completely unaware of how they have contradicted themselves
and how my hope sinks with every passing hour.

They have called a friend to be my companion
But I do not see her or the teacup she is holding through the hazy fog of pain.
I know she wants to wrap me in a cocoon of her love
But I am now a frigid wall of waiting.

Waiting, lost, at sea.


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