CWR210: Wk 8

Exercise 7:

Write a poem of rage or protest. It could be based on how you really feel about something or someone, or it could be a complete fiction. Try to  accurately define the emotional drive within the poem.

Stop Punishing Me!

Get down from your pulpit, religious freak, where you glare at me through narrowed eyes and wonder if I have thought things through.
My well meaning friends who proclaim open-mindedness, yet judge me anyway and ask if I am sure.
The Australian Government who tries to tempt me to change my mind with incentives and gifts while
the Tax Office offers me rebates and discounts.

Don’t tell me I live in a democracy when I know my choices are not my own and medically supporting my beliefs makes me a criminal.
Even charities give less to those like me.
I am scorned
As if I am a leper
or worse, a person who has the temerity to stand by her convictions.
Who has made a sensible decision
that is right for her but
the world continually condemns.

FUCK the haters!
I am married and we CHOSE to not have children.
Stop punishing me!


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