CMM220: Week 3

DB Post

Low Carb Bread

My story would be about the link between childhood obesity and the apparent correlation to high carbohydrate intake, along with the release of the new low-carb bread. I would advertise through Buchanan group via their MediFacts and /or Infotalk segments, as this gives a ring of medical credibility to the consumer.

News Releases would be issued to the following:

Parenting Magazine – Joanne Cable (Editor)
Body and Soul Magazine – Hugh Smith (Editor)Channel 10 – The Project – Craig Campbell (Executive Producer)
Channel 9 – Today Tonight – Craig McPherson (Executive Producer) – Charis Chang – (Health Journalist)


DB Response

Week 3 ILT – Bread Manufacturers Australia by Renae Tate

Revolutionary Low Carb Bread aims to combat childhood obesity

 A revolutionary new low carbohydrate bread has been developed to help combat the growing issue of childhood obesity. Bread Manufacturers Association (BMA) CEO, Allen Chambers said the bread is a first of its kind and gives parents the option of providing a healthier “low carb” alternative for school lunches.

The health claims made by BMA has also recently been documented in the Health Promotion Journal Australia and Doctor Wobisono a medical researcher from La Trobe University has supported the claims that reducing the level of carbohydrates in the diets of children with obesity can aid in supporting a balanced diet, which when combined with exercise can help reduce body fat percentages.

“As a part of our commitment to support this important cause, we will also be donating 20c from every loaf of our new Low Carb Bread to the Childhood Obesity Foundation”, said Mr Allen Chambers.


Evidence of Health Claims

Dr Pak Wibosono: La Trobe University

Ph: 08 5269740 or mobile: 0414798 645


Bread Manufacturers Association CEO – Allen Chambers

Ph: 02 8475960 mobile: 0415 698 745



Journalist Distribution List

        Parenting Magazine Editor – Joanne Cable

        Kid spot online journal Blogger – Kelsey Hutrich

        Body and Soul Magazine Editor – Hugh Smith

        Sunrise Television Journalist – Stacey Morgan

        Today Television Journalist – Robert Turner

Photo and Television coverage opportunities:

        Bread Manufacturers Association CEO – Allen Chambers CEO Allen Chambers along with Media Relations Officer Jennifer Harper will be handing out low carb bread to parents at Clovelly Primary School on Tuesday 23rd March.

Media Relations Officer, Jennifer Harper and Bread Manufacturers representatives will also be handing out sandwich samples at the following school canteens:

  • Auburn Public School – Auburn Road, Auburn NSW (02) 9646 2200
  • Glebe Public School – 9-25 Derwent Street Glebe NSW (02) 9660 454
  • Lane Cove Public School – 145-153 Longueville Rd Sydney NSW (02) 9427 1024
  • Roseville Public School Archbold Road Roseville NSW (02) 9417 4107

       Contact Bread Manufacturers Association – Media Relations Officer Jennifer Harper: 0415 265 789


Hi Renae,

Like you, I also felt the parenting and kid-focused magazines were a good place to start. I also liked the donation to the Child obesity foundation although I wonder if that feels too much like a PR stunt, rather than a news-worthy piece. I find it hard to get a balance between what’s ‘news’ and what is ‘marketing’. It seems to be a very fine line.

Well done.


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