COM12: Week 3

DB Post

Transmission Model: a top down model of verbal communication as described by Laswell (2013 p. 9). A performance review is a good example as it gives management the opportunity to provide feedback to the employee.

Process Model: an interactive verbal process between both sender and receiver.  A television advertisement brief is a good example of this where the client gives a brief to their agency, and the agency creates the television advert showing their understanding of the communique.

Cultural Model: a two-way verbal and non-verbal process between a sender and receiver, that acknowledges inherent sub cultures. Choosing to not do active work on a Sabbath day that is accepted and acknowledged by an employer is a good example.


Dwyer, J 2013, Communication for Business and the Professions Strategies and Skills, 5th edition, Pearson Australia, French’s Forest, Australia.

Tyson Maggs

Harold Laswell’s communication model is a transmission model is shown as a ‘one-way transmission of messages.’ (Dwyer 2012) I manage a team of 22 and as such use this one-way transmission of messages everyday through delegating jobs.

(who) me – (what) job delegation – (channel) speaking – (whom) staff members – (effect) completed tasks.

Schramm’s circular model of communication is a process model of communication as there is the added human element of a receiving information, interpreting it and in turn providing feedback which determines how the message is being interpreted. An example could be asking a colleague to work another shift, they in turn decode, interpret and then encode a message back to me which is their answer.

A cultural model of communication combines the elements of cultural factors between the sender and recipient of the information and acknowledges that this can affect the wait the information is coded and decoded. In the company I work for there are over five different nationalities in my store alone. As such, I need to be constantly aware of tone, expressions, both colloquial and facial and delivery of the message as not all the different cultures will interpret the information delivered as acceptable or even unacceptable like in my culture.


Judith Dwyer, 2012. Communication for Business and the Professions: Strategie s and Skills. 5 Edition. Pearson Australia.

DB Response:

Hi Tyson,

I think you have very adequately explained the models of communication. Well done.

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