CMM220: Week 5

DB Post

“The tyranny of digital distance” is a new term still in its infancy but is one likely to become more relevant as the technological revolution continues. Blainey & Nathan (1966, p. 95) coined the term “the tyranny of distance”, referring to the physical distance of Australia from other countries and how this impacts on the sociology of the country, specifically with their internationalism to England and Europe. Leaver (2008, p. 145) expanded this concept to apply to the digital realm. He explains digital distance occurs when the perceived prospect of near-simultaneous worldwide distribution of media fails due to an alleged geographic location and profit, despite suitable technological devices existing to overcome these very issues.

I tend to write quite concisely normally, so I found it very hard to find a piece that was too verbose and needed cutting down.

Anna Fedorchenko

During the my last work meeting I participated in, my colleagues and I were deciding whether and how much what should be the charge for ignoring the non-smoking policy of our hotel and smoking in the room. During that work While at the meeting I was able to identified different member profiles. The Friendly Helper was a person who suggested using only a verbal warning, as the charge might cause a conflict. The Tough Battler demanded the harshest punishment, claiming that the room has to be shut down for a few nights after someone smoked in it. The Logical Thinker suggested looking at each occasion case individually, and deciding the amount of extra charge depending on the extent of damage.

Editing the paragraph allowed me to correct few spelling mistakes, and make the writing more concise and clear.


DB Response

I see you have done/are doing COM12!

The changes you’ve made definitely make a difference. 🙂

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