COM12: Week 5

DB Post

In a recent ‘discussion’ with my husband about our next camping location, he decided to give me “free rein” and choose where we would go. My husband is the logical thinker – and does not let go of control easily. Despite the offer, he also gave me a long list of requirements and parameters to ensure I would choose the place he wanted us to go. Subsequently, I became the friendly thinker and harmonised the potential fallout, when I chose a place he hadn’t even heard of, but that still fitted his limits.



DB Response

Adam Phillips

At a recent Managers meeting we discussed how to turn three warehouses into two as a cost cutting exercise. The GM (tough battler) had her ideas that she was happy to assert upon the group. It felt like her way or the highway. One manager (the logical thinker) asked her how she intended on doing it at the budgeted price, would she be helping and how much the cost saving would be overall for the company.  Just as the GM was about to address the issue in the defensive way a Regional manager (the friendly helper) stepped in to discuss alternative methods of pay for staff and how redistributing the sales was in everyone’s best interest including the companies. The task was completed ahead of time and under budget due to collaboration and communication.


This is a really good example of all three roles Adam. Which one were you?

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