COM12: Week 6

DB Post

I have a dedicated office space in my home to run my business. It has a desk with two computers on it, a RAID rack, bookshelf and cupboards in it. There is little room for clients, however often they will sit beside me (in front of the other computer which is my husband’s) as we work.

Because of the nature of my business, 90% of all my work is conducted by email, Skype and across virtual barriers. For this reason, the space we have allocated is sufficient.


DB Response

Elliot King

My workplace can be divided into two different sections; the first section includes bosses and senior accountants who each have their own office room. The second area is more of a common area, where by admin staff and junior accountants work in an open office space. In the common area workers can communicate easily, to contact the other staff each employee has a phone on their desk which really helps with communication between employees.

The administration staff essentially runs the office, whilst the accountants will complete their work which oddly enough means the admin staff has a lot of the power. The physical design does tell a lot about the hierarchy of our office, the differing roles of the employees also needs to be considered. For example accountants require an office to conduct interviews with clients, the admin staff does not yet they do all the delegating and organizing of work.

I find it interesting that you feel the administration staff have a lot of power and that the structure of your office echoes your hierarchy. Do you think that this has been deliberately created or was just a case of how the space was ultimately used?

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