COM12: Week 7

DB Post

P = main Point

R = Reason

E = Example

P = Restating the main Point.

Loom banding. The craze that tweens of both genders loved during 2012 has finally been discovered by this old fart. And hand in hand with loom-banding goes YouTube – the video site that is filled with step by step tutorials for all skill levels. (Point)

Loom banding involves ‘knitting’ tiny rubber bands on your fingers or loom to create a variety of handcrafts – jewellery, ornaments, kitchen accessories and more. While it isn’t difficult to learn, designing items that can be created by loom bands is tough to master and this is where YouTube comes into its own. (Reason)

While watching a YouTube video, you can pause, rewind and fast-forward as necessary to ensure you are able to follow each step successfully. Making a complex dog collar becomes much more simple once you have the visual aid of a video tutorial, and the repetitiveness needed for the creation, helps to solidify it in your mind – ergo making it easier to complete later. (Example)

If you have some spare time and want to get crafty, I thoroughly encourage people of all ages to explore loom banding via YouTube. Not only can you learn a new skill, increase your dexterity and have a wonderful sense of self-satisfaction, you’re also able to seem really cool to the young kids out there! (restating the point)

DB Response:

Joanna Lyall

The PREP formula is useful when making an impromptu speech to ensure the audience is active engaged and the message is well communicated.  The formula is made up of:

P = main point (e.g. redesigning the current newsletter format)

R= reason (e.g. to make the article more appealing to a broader audience)

E = an example (e.g. a technical article will not be appropriate for “mum and dad” builders)

P = restating the main point.

Hi Joanna,

I believe you are meant to write out a speech that uses the PREP formula, not just explain the formula. I do like your examples of each section of PREP but would have loved to have read your actual speech using this formula.

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