COM12: Week 8

DB Post

Body Bliss Health and Beauty Retreat sends out newsletter specials on a regular basis to past and current customers. These specials link to the website and often only show ‘teaser’ information – with not all specials shown for the month. Readers are able to choose if they wish to follow the links and peruse the deals offered. Facebook is also used to encourage people to view the newsletter specials on the website. The reason for this is two-fold – it enables the audience to engage at a time best suited to them and it gives Body Bliss important search engine optimisation information to better provide for their clients and particularly, for new potential customers. Because the newsletter is regular, many people look forward to receiving it and discovering the specials whilst others may wait until they have a need for beauty services before exploring their options at the website. Either way, the power is placed firmly in the audience’s hands.

DB Response


A communication was written to change the packaging size for a specific product and the role the audience adopted was decision making. The audience was experienced in knowledge of the product and consisted of factory floor staff with minimal education through to managers that were highly educated (Dwyer 2013, p. 455). The most appropriate channel was email due to the need to reach an audience across 8 sites in different locations and keep copies of correspondence. The audience can be described as self-interested, site focussed and slow to adopt change. The writer adapted the message to use plain English to explain a technical discussion and appealed to the self-interests of the group. (Dwyer 2013, p. 459).


Dwyer, J 2013, Communication for Business and the Professions Strategies and Skills, 5th edn, Pearson Australia, NSW.


Succinct and to the point. Well done.


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