CMM220: Week 9

DB Post


Contact: Kylie Knight, Redcliffe and Bayside Herald 3480 8203

The NFP I love living on the Peninsula is almost at 3000 members. The Redcliffe Herald did a story three years ago when the page reached 300 likers. To commemorate this milestone, a feature article highlighting the milestones of the page and the influence and importance that the local community has had on the page and its development. Their readership is 39k, and there are 61000 residents in the Redcliffe region.

Talent: Photo opportunity with the three main administrators of the page – Mick Cullen centred.

Broadcast: 99.7 FM Redcliffe’s Community Radio Station Neil McCulloch 3284 5000

Interview with Mick Cullen from I love living on the Peninsula about the new disaster management website created by the page to assist locals in times of significant weather events. The disaster management page teams up local disaster management teams with residents and is mobile accessible to aid in giving relevant information during an emergency.

Talent: Mick Cullen, administrator of I love living on the Peninsula.

DB Response

Madeline Busch

Broadcast Idea

Fox sports online video interview with paraplegic Martyn Pittar as he demonstrates the Paragolfer with professional cricketer Brian Laura. Would educate viewers about spinal cord injuries and promote The Sargood centre, which is opening later in the year.

Contact: Media sales agency associate Ryan Bailey, 1300 301 415,

Print feature idea

Feature article on Martyn Pittar would be a human-interest story as it would discuss Martyn’s spinal cord injury in an emotional way, whilst emphasizing the work of The Sargood centre. The story would feature in local newspaper The Manly Daily.

Contact: Assistant managing editor Melissa Stevens, 9977 3333,

Madeline, I think both of your ideas are really solid. I particularly like the idea of the human interest story matching with Ten’s The Project and see that as a good fit.

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